The noise how the Apple iPhone camera creates if it will take photos is noisy and frustrating. You are able to Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound on iPhone through with simply a couple of steps.

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Using Volume Down Button:

  • Take advantage of the “Volume Down” key to toggle the device volume down towards the vibrate setting.

Using Sound Settings:

  • Head over to “Settings“ > “Sounds” and glide the “Ringer and Alerts” setting all the way towards the left.

Turn off Camera Shutter Sound Permanently:

If you have Jailbreaked device then you can able to delete or renaming the sound file which playing for shutter sound.

  • Download and install iPhoneBrowser.
  • Create a ‘dummy’ file on your computer called “photoShutter.caf“. Make it using notepad or anything else, it doesn’t matter.
  • Using iPhoneBrowser, navigate to /System/Library/Audio/UISounds.
  • Replace the photoShutter.caf file with the ‘dummy’ file you created.

Muting the Sound with a Jailbreak App

iPhone turn off camera sounds as well as screen shot sound effect with the cydia app “Silent Photo Chill”, Which is also makes an ability to take pictures with the volume buttons and you can mute the sound effects is iOS.