Lifestyle has changed as the time changed. We are running on a fast track schedule where we need everything to be accessed or done as quickly as it can be done. We are dependable on new technology and we are in love with almost all digital machines that simplifies our daily task. iPhone , iPad or iPod Touch etc has influenced us more than any other gadget . It may be the brand that attracted us but why do we fall in love with these though they are expensive? Wondering why! I don’t wonder about that , it’s their unique features which keeps them one step ahead in our preference list.

We commonly use messaging as our favorite communication .It can be iMessage, watsapp ,hike or whatever . We love to text . So you would have noticed that while we type the wrong spellings gets corrected automatically.

Know how it is ?

It is because our Auto-correct function is in on mode. This helps at very much and reduces our time in re-reading the text to correct errors.

But we know everything has two sides. One is lovable while the other may be irritating. This Auto-correct function also may be sometimes irritating. As it suggests out of box at times. So we fed up of typing .But I would recommend that you don’t have to get fed of typing because of this. You can simple turn off auto-correct and go on typing as much you love to do.

Why Turn Off Auto-Correct ?

Turning Off Auto-Correct on your iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch devices gives some instant solution to some irritating suggestions and corrections you get while typing anything. By Turning Off you can search anything without any obstacle .

What Happens if Auto-Correct is On ?

If Auto-correct is On then it recognizes everything you type and it cross examine whether it is a dictionary word . If it is not then it automatically makes it to a dictionary word . Which would be totally not related to your typed word. That makes us get tired soon with this process.

So then you turn off the auto correction on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device to search on things that are out the device recognized words.Hence you save your time by this as well as saying Good bye to what irritates or hinder your searching or typing .

So these are very simple five steps through which, you can easily done auto correction off on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device, and you have successfully disabled auto-correction on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch device and enjoy our freedom now there is no type mismatch and you easily search any topic.

Well , let’s don’t beat the bush . Let me come to the point . So, how to turn off  autocorrect  on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch device.

How To Turn Off Autocorrect On iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

Let’s discuss in some simple steps .

First Step –

To begin with

Take your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device and then go to its main menu . Now you can see a series of app list .

Second Step –

Look at the arrow mark given in the below image . What is that icon ? Yea , you are right ,it is the setting icon. Just touch to open it .

home screen -settings


Third Step –

Once you entered into the Settings , you can see there are lot of stuffs with On or Off mode and so on .It tells you about your device present settings on which it is functioning .

Now why you opened the Settings ? OK ,let me tell you . On the lower most end can you find an option General ? If yes just click on it . In the image given below you can find that .



Fourth Step –

When you have clicked on General . You can find lot of options given under General Settings . On which you have to click on “Keyboard” .

(For reference look at the image given below.)


Fifth Step –

Now when you have clicked on Keyboard . You again get lot of settings menu . From that choose Auto-Correct . Do you see that it is in ON mode ? If yes then just turn it OFF.

General-Keyboard settings

Problem solved . No more Auto-correct will correct the ext automatically . So no more disturbing and no more benefiting from Auto-correct .

But don’t worry , you are not doing it as a forever setting change . You can Turn it on at any time and turn it off at any time . It is all up to your convenience level.

So you are done with the process of How to turn off Auto-correct On iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch .

But at a time if you want to Turn On Auto-Correct on iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch . What should you do ?

Any idea ?

It is again simple . You know just a one toggle again makes it get done. Confused ? OK . Let me brief it to you .

To Turn On Auto-Correct on iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch , Follow the Steps from 1 to 4 . Now on the last step ,that is on the fifth step just tap on Auto-correct and turn it On from Off mode. Simple you are back to Auto-correct on mode.

Hope this served as a best and easy solution for your problem . So now you guys know How to Turn On Auto-Correct on iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch .