Flash drives offer a practical method of shifting data files between pcs. Drives with enough storage space potential also work well to keep considerable quantities of information to source hard disk space on your pc for important applications and information. Using a usb drive produce for your iTunes choice makes it possible to easily shift your flash drive produce between pc and accessibility your iTunes selection from any pc. Shifting your media to a usb drive allows you to keep your playlists, scores and play record. Just make sure your usb flash drive is connected in before starting iTunes on your pc.
Step 1

Connect your usb flash drive to your computer.
Step 2

Click “File” and “Preferences” in iTunes for windows. Just click “iTunes” and “Preferences” for iTunes for Mac.
Step 3

Select the “Advanced” tab.
Step 4

Check the box for “Keep iTunes Media Folder Organized.”
Step 5

Click the “Change…” key. Select your flash drive in the change media folder location. On a Mac, the display is noticeable as Modify iTunes media folder Location. Just click “Select Folder” on windows or “Open” on Mac.
If you need to create a new directory on your flash drive, just click “Make New Folder” on windows or “New Folder” on Mac. Then kind the name of your directory and confirm your choice.
Step 6

Click “File,” then “Library” and then “Organize Selection.” Analyze the “Consolidate Files” check box. click “OK.”
Step 7

Delete your exclusive iTunes media directory. On windows, select the Begin choice, choose “My Music” and “iTunes.” On Mac, right-click the Locator icon in the Docking place. Select “Music” from the sidebar you should “iTunes.” Shift the “iTunes Media” directory to the Trash.