Your iPhone is a most brilliant device. Originally from the long line of cell phones planned and showcased by Apple Inc., it runs on Apple’s iOS versatile working system.

The client interface is manufactured around the gadget’s multi-touch screen, including a virtual console. It also has other impressive features where the Wi-Fi can associate with many cell phones, and a most handy GPRS (demonstrated as GPRS on the status bar). It supports latest technology such as 4G systems (demonstrated as a 4G image on the status bar) too!

An iPhone can shoot, take photographs, play music, send and get email, scan the web, send writings, GPS route, record notes, do numerical figuring, and get visual voicemail. Other capacities feature amusements, reference meets expectations, interpersonal interaction, and so forth.—can be empowered by downloading application programs (‘applications’). So all in all, the iPhone is an extremely precious device with a lot of features and functions!

So now it should come as no surprise that this article will be dealing with such a function of your iPhone. Which one, you ask? Well… it is the feature, or fairly speaking about the function where your iPhone has the ability to send or transfer voice memos to your Mac or your PC.

iPhone Voice memos

Now, first things first –What is a voice memo?

Voice Memo is a feature that gives you a chance to record and store short voice messages that you can play back when. Several phones with this element likewise give you a chance to record parts of telephonic discussions in advancement. A few mobile phones have a committed voice-update catch to start the part. Also a few mobile phones restrain the notices to specific number of a certain length every, some point of confinement number of updates and total length of all messages joined, while still others restrict just total length.

It’s anything but difficult to record voice updates, however not all that undeniable how to get them on your Mac. Here’s the way by which to effectively move / transfer voice reminders (Voice Memos) from your iPhone to your Mac.

Now sometimes you want to move some voice memos on to your Mac (or your PC). So how would you go about that? There are a few approaches to do as such, and we take you through each of them in our orderly article on the best way to move Voice Memos from iPhone to Mac or PC.

The Voice Memos application on the iPhone is a helpful approach to record sound in various circumstances. Tasked with taking minutes at a meeting? Put your iPhone on the table and let Voice Memos do the hard work. Have a virtuoso thought on your way home and need to catch it rapidly before it vanishes? Basically record your ramblings and they’re safe from the desolate of diversion. Obviously this is fine and dandy, yet eventually you’re going to need to move those documents onto some other gadget like your Mac or PC. To carry out this you have a couple of choices.

 Method ONE:  Emailing Memos!

The easiest and coolest way to transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to Mac or PC is to email them to you. In the application select the recording you need to move, then tap on the Share symbol in the left corner under the Play catch. Presently you have the alternative to send it as a Message or Mail.

Following are some instructions to email a Voice Memo to your computer (whether it is a Mac or a PC):

Pick Mail then fill in the important points of interest and hit send. This is fine for the infrequent update, however if you have a few that you need to do immediately – or have long recordings whose documents sizes are not inbox well disposed – then the best arrangement is to use iTunes. Once you mail it from your iPhone , open your email on your PC or Mac as usual . There you find a mail on your inbox from you . Open it and just save it by downloading.

Quite simple isn’t it!!!

Method TWO: Synchronization is key!


Following are the instructions to synchronize an iPhone Voice Memo to your Mac:

Open iTunes on your Mac, and afterward connect your iPhone to your Mac. iTunes ought to naturally recognize the handset. Tap on your gadget in the menu on the left or in the route bar (where it’ll be a little cell phone symbol). The primary thing you’ll need to do to keep the loss of any of your Voice Memos is snap ‘Move down Now’.

This may take a while, however once it is done you’ll have the significant serenity that ought to anything turn out badly with the adjusting procedure you can restore the iPhone and those Voice Memos ought to return.

At that point, you’ll need to Sync your iPhone with your PC. The Voice Memo choice is found in the Music area, so tap on that and you’ll see the Sync Music tick box at the highest point of the screen. You’ll need this chose to adjust your reminders.

So now I hope you are quite familiar with the process of Transferring Voice Memo on your iPhone to your PC or Mac. You can choose between any one among the two most simplest methods to access your Voice memo on iPhone in your Mac or PC.