This is a easy step by step guide on how to take screenshots on  Chrome OS and Chromebooks. I’ll show you a few keyboard shortcuts for taking screenshots as well as let you know where you can find all those screenshot images, and just how those files are named.

The ability to take a screenshot is included in the Chrome OS. You are able to take a partial screenshot, or full screenshot with these steps.

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Full Screenshot

  • Hold the “CTRL” key while pressing chrome-screen-key.
  • A notice will show up that says “Screenshot taken” within the lower-right edge of the monitor. The screenshot is saved to the Chromebook within the “Downloads” folder. Choose “Copy to clipboard” with this alert if you would like to paste the screenshot right into a document.

Partial Screenshot

  • Hold “CTRL” and “Shift” while pressing chrome-screen-key
  • A button pointer changes into a cross. Drag the mouse all over the area of the screen you wish to capture.
  • As soon as you have chosen the spot from the screen for capturing, release of the mouse key. The screenshot is saved towards the Chromebook within the “Downloads” file. Pick out “Copy to clipboard” for this notification when you need to paste the screen shot in a doc.

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How To Take Screenshot of the Chrome Login Screen

Suppose you would like to take a screenshot of your Chromebook’s login screen? You’re able to do that using Ctrl and chrome-screen-key.

Chrome Extensions To Take Screenshots

  • Screen Capture (by Google):It’s a very good extension by Google. You are able to capture apparent content of the tab, and particular portion of a web page, or the whole page as a PNG image. Can handle horizontally and vertical scroll which implies easy screenshot taking up webpages with many content. It is possible to edit pictures online, close to the web browser.
  • Awesome Screenshot: It is one more very well-known Google Chrome extension for all those who have some screenshots throughout their exploring sessions. Capture the whole page or any part. This chrome extension supports saving to Google Drive too.

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