Everyone wishes to have an iPhone or an iPad in their hands. This present ERA can be also called as an era of mobile phones. Oh I made a mistake guys! Well it’s the era of SMART PHONES . So many Brands to choose from; So many Models, A lot many features and much more. The market is been ruled by OS like iOS, Android and Windows. These OS’s provides a lot of feature but all have their unique way of making this. But it’s something kind of special to use iOS which is only made for APPLE devises. Its has many features make people love.

When one gets a new cellular device the first thing sticks to the mind is SETTING IT UP. Various changes with the device are been made by he/she using it. From adding music/videos to linking the device to various INTERNET ACCOUNTS. In the same way when you have an iPhone or a iPad you may need to SYNC GMAIL CONTACTS on your new device because Gmail contacts is a priority in everyday use.

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There are various ways to sync gmail contacts on your iPhone an iPad. There are experts who recommend several methods to follow. But its upto the user which he/she finds comfortable. A huge numbers of Third party apps are available in the Apple app Stores. These third party apps allows you to hastily and with no trouble sync your gmail and iPhone contacts so you can have way in to your contacts on the go. Among the available third party apps it’s recommended to use CardDAV for this purpose. CardDAV allows users to edit, remove and add contacts. A2Z Contact , Synctastic for Google, Contact mover and Account sync, Contact Sync For Gmail are examples of various third party apps. Apart from this Exchange ActiveSync- another app is also a better way that serves the purpose.

Sync Gmail contacts using a Card DAV

Step #1-

The set is very easy but for the sake of your contacts safety takes a tour and back-up your iPhone/iPad contacts. This is because it ensures a suitable unharmed copy so that if something goes wrong you have nothing to lose.


Step #2-

You can find the same pattern on any iOS device. Open settings provided in your iPhone/iPad and select on the options available i.e. “Mail, Contacts, Calenders”

Step #3-

Then click on the option “Add Account” and then scroll down to select on the “Other” option.

Step #4-

Now, you have to do is to add CardDAV account which is to be manually created by entering the following details. There will be screen appearing and you only have to fill the asked information as mentioned below.

Server : google.com

User Name : (your user name)

Password : (your password)

Description : Google Contacts

Add CardDAV Account

Step #5-

Now, there will be an Option at the right top corner indicating “Next”. Clicking on it will take you to the sync screen where you can see the sync process.

Note: If you have a long contact list then it would take a bit more time.

Step #6

Once the Sync is done then confirms it by launching CONTACT on you iPhone/iPad. set-up is now complete.

If you are using any other app like Exchange ActiveSync or Google sync then not much are needed to be done only you have to change is add the respective account in the settings by choosing “mail, contact, Calendar” then add the account you want. Suppose such as if you are using Google Sync then you just click on Google which will be there before hand.



There are two different types of Sync.

  1. 1-way sync Process
  2. 2-way sync Process

Sync Contacts & Groups with gmailThe 2-way sync Process synchronizes your contacts from Google as well as from other linked account. for example if you have Facebook linked to your phone then while synchronizing the contacts from Google and Facebook both will sync. The 1-way sync process only does the sync from the account you have added. For example if you have added CardDAV to sync your Gmail contact then it will only sync contacts associated with Gmail. But, it is recommended that you go for a 2-way sync because it combines the changes made to your iPhone/iPad & your Gmail.

There will be a initial sync which will merge all the matching contents avoiding repetition of contacts. Please examine all the changes before you go to sync. It is necessary because once you sync the errors (if any) will be there to disturb you again to sync. Now comes checking the sync history. That means observe the results of the sync, and recheck the results of last 100 synchronizations made.

Select the groups you want to sync. In 2-way sync process the sync of groups in both directions with “My Contacts”. Select all the necessary fields/items to sync. The sync once done manually then it doesn’t need to sync again it will be done automatically. Avoid Duplicates. It will warn you of potential harming duplicates.