With advances in time, man must advance on the devices used in daily life too! So it is time to discard the age old watch, the one with the leather strap, which is now frayed and old and lies lost and forgotten somewhere, of the arrival of the newest shiny toy in town! The one, the only, magnificent Apple Watch! Nothing is so smart a gadget as the wrist adorning Apple Watch.

Like all Apple products, this watch – THE APPLE WATCH – is a revelation of striking new technology. So let’s find out some more about it.

Why Apple Watch as the most popular and personal product?

According to Apple itself, the Apple Watch is the “most personal product” they have ever made!

Apple Watch is a smart watch grew by Apple Inc. It joins wellness following and wellbeing focused abilities and additionally reconciliation with iOS and other Apple items and administrations. The gadget is accessible in three “accumulations”: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition. The watch is recognized by diverse mixes of cases and first or outsider exchangeable groups. Apple Watch depends on a remotely joined iPhone (5 or above) to do a number of its default capacities (e.g. calling and messaging). It is perfect with the iPhone 5 or later models running iOS 8.2 or later, through the utilization of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The Many Features of the Apple Watch!

The Apple Watch lives up to expectations in a way that all its features are amazingly wonderful about what one can do in his wrist with a watch. It is working for getting telephone calls and in addition iMessage and SMS writings through a matched iPhone and can track wellness, run outsider applications and use an Apple highlight called “Handoff”. It can control Apple TV, and go about as a viewfinder for an iPhone camera, give the wearer headings by means of local Maps application, and can store dedication cards and tickets in Wallet.

Apple Watch likewise incorporates Siri, an individual colleague. Apple Watch uses an innovation called “Power Touch“, which permits it to sense the sum power being connected to the presentation.

In the event that the watch’s battery exhausts to under 1 percent, the watch will enter a “force hold” mode, which permits the client to keep on perusing the time for an extra 72 hours. The watch then returns to its unique mode when recharged. The part can likewise be initiated utilizing the Battery look.

 Applications of the Apple Watch

The apple watch

The Apple Watch accompanies a few default applications, all of which are produced by Apple itself. WatchKit is a product structure included with the iOS SDK that permits outsider designers to make WatchKit applications for Apple Watch. A WatchKit application keeps running out of sight of iPhone as an application expansion while an arrangement of local client interface assets are introduced on Apple Watch.

The classic Apple Watch Design

Apple Watch comes in three accumulations and elements two case sizes: 38 mm (1.5 in) and 42 mm (1.7 in) spread over 38 models. The instance of the watch incorporates a system to allow the straps to be exchangeable. Its screen is a weight touchy touch screen that can recognize a tap and a press, and components a computerized crown, which can be swung to parchment or zoom and squeezed to come back to the home screen. The watch additionally has a side catch which can be used to show a rundown of contacts, or access Apple Pay. The watch is charged by method for inductive charging, utilizing a link like the MagSafe link from Apple’s MacBook group of laptops.

Impressive, isn’t it? Almost makes everyone wish they had their own personal Apple Watch. But now, that we’ve discussed some of the finer aspects of the Apple Watch, let us come to the main point of the article – what if you want people to know where you are.. Could you send your location to people through your hi-fi gadget, the Apple Watch? The answer is yes!

Send location using Apple watch

Instructions to send your area with Apple Watch

  1. Open the Messages application. This is found on your Apple Watch You just need to locate it and double click to open it.
  1. Tap the discussion you need to send an area to, or press solidly on the presentation to begin another message with another contact. For the recent, you’ll have to send a snappy instant message before you can send your area.

Apple watch location sending     3. After you have the message being referred to open, press immovably on the showcase.

4. Press Send Location to naturally send your contact your present area.

Apple watch Sending Location

Please Note: This action won’t send your contact a dynamic representation of where you are, only your present location by then. In the event that you move somewhere else, your area won’t redesign for your companions and you’ll need to re-send your whereabouts. So Now you are clear with the process of How to send your Location on an Apple Watch .