Since the advent of smart phones and devices, the major issue that people have faced is the battery power. Same goes out to saving battery on iPhone or iOS devices.  Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you in save battery on iPhone or iOS devices.

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iOS Updates

Never keep any iOS update pending to update the performance of your device. If you will keep any update pending then you will be reminded again and again to download and install it.


Turning the display light of your phone down to a less bright setting will help you save the battery from draining away. Also turn off the Auto-Brightness option so that your settings do not change.

Location Services: On vs. Off

If you turn off the Location Services it will improve the battery life, but you will be unable to find your iOS device if it is lost or stolen, so it is completely up to you to decide whether you want to turn it off or not.

Location Services: System Services

Toggling a few GPRS settings and turning off the locations app is helpful. Though you won’t be able to receive notifications while traveling but disabling the locations will help you save a great amount of battery.


The usage of Bluetooth is mostly for sending audio files to Bluetooth speakers, car audio systems or Bluetooth headphones. It is better to keep it off if you are not using it so that there is least use of the battery.


Wi-Fi signals consume a lot of battery. So it is better to turn it off when you are not using it or can’t access it. Your phone catches up every wireless network that is in range even when you are out. Turning off Wi-Fi will save some battery power.

iPhone Wifi Settings



At times we run more than one Apps on our device. The background Apps consumes the battery power. It is better to quit them as you can always open the App when you want to use it.

Email Accounts: Push and Fetch

Your phone consistently connects to the server if you have activated the Mail account to receive Push emails. It is better to set the time for it to check for emails so that you can extend your battery life.

Background App Refresh

The Background App Refresh constantly and automatically refreshes the Apps that are running in the background. As the case is with most of the iPhone or iOS device settings, if you disable the Background App Refresh it does have an influence on certain features of the device you use. To avoid turning it off completely, you can toggle the settings and turn on each setting for each App.

Disable 4G or LTE

Nowadays, as technology has advanced, so have the cellular network services. Most of us live in the areas where the cellular networks offer 4G or LTE services. But turning this feature off may make the data of your cellular network work more slowly but it will definitely save a great amount of battery power.

Music and the Equalizer

When you play any kind of audio on your iPhone or iOS device it consumes a great amount of battery power. But using ear buds is more efficient and it saves the power of your device’s battery. Your Music App also has an equalizer that allows you to control the volume and the sound of the audio you play. If you enable the equalizer, then you should know that the power usage is comparatively more than the default setting.


All of us love playing games on our iPhone or iOS device. But some of these games are quite heavy and they demand a lot of speed and power of the processor. It does not mean that you stop playing games. You can continue playing games using ear buds instead of playing them on the speakers. Some games if played through the speaker consume more battery and that results in early battery drainage sometimes even from full to zero battery power in just an hour!

Third-party Apps

There are certain Apps on your device that use inconsiderable amount of battery to process and in return it causes problems. These Apps use power even when you aren’t using them. So it is better if you uninstall these Third-party Apps, because mostly these are those Apps that you seldom use.

Restore and Setup as New

Even after you apply all the above mentioned settings and d do not get a fruitful result then just restore your device after backing up your files. This will give your phone the same new feeling like it was once before.

Like we have seen above that the battery life is a complicated issue for iPhone or iOS devices, but it affects different users in different ways. Changing the settings will not have the same impact on every device. You should also remember that for the changes to effective, you need to charge your device overnight. Only the device having full battery power will work with the changed settings.