Have you seen the funny quote “I changed my password to ‘INCORRECT’ because whenever I type it wrong it will remind me that the password is ‘incorrect ‘.”

Sure you might have seen it somewhere else here you see it for first time. But what I can say with guarantee is that you too will think about making such reminders to yourself about the days and information you need in your daily life. Say your mobile number, your doctor’s number, your ATM pin number, your dearest one’s birthday date, and anniversary and so on. The list goes on but at one time or other time we forget these and struggle to over things sweetly.

You know why this happens . It is because we are leading a fast track lifestyle.Busy life , hectic tasks , reminders for so many things. These boggle our mind and it gets hanged up.

Though i want to help you to solve eery problem . I can’t do anything with personal affairs like remembering your important life event’s dates . But still i can help you with your iPod Touch Password .

It is really not a big deal guys .

In a case forgot your device that is your iPod touch’s  password then on such situations we face many problems in accessing the device. So it is very necessary that you know how to reset password on your iPod Touch to overcome from this types of situations.

But before that you need to update your knowledge about iPod Touch . So let me tell you something more before encountering the real issue .

Among all the latest- trendy and highly on demanded gadgets something has its own special place and pretty much popular place in the long list.  The device is stylish and marketed as iPod touch, this is an iOS-based all-purpose computer or more accurately it’s a pocket computer that is from the one and only popular Apple Inc. On the gadget world Apple Inc has their own contributions which are rated as the popular rated products ever.

iPod Touch is exclusively user friendly device . Easy to use for anyone. This one stylish gadget itself is a package of many things such as it can serve you as a music player , a video player , a digital camera for your amazing clicks , for your fun time it acts as a game device too  , moreover its your best PDA (personal digital assistant) .

Don’t get confused that this is a smartphone . Of course it has most of the features of a smartphone such as iPhone but still its not . It is because connecting to internet here is not so wow . Here internet connectivity is possible only with  Wi-Fi as cellular data is not used here .

Personal Data can be stored in iPod Touch and it can be made sure that its protected from the eying of a third person . You can lock the looking of others eye into your personal data by using a password.  Thus your personal data like videos or audio files can be protected thus it can be hidden from others .  What you have to do for this is just set a password on to your iPod Touch . But on forgetting your password what you can do is best described here.

So let us discuss some very easy steps about how to reset password in your iPod Touch in an easier and effective way. Here are some simple steps that solves this issue .

How to reset your iPod Touch password in very easier way and solve your problem.

Forgot your password and got stuck on the way. Really sad to know about it. Because all your valuable data is on your iPod Touch .

how to reset password on iPod Touch

Human nature is to forget things easily, so if the iPod Touch’s password is forgotten then what you can do is simply reset your password . Don’t try to recollect and get fed up again.

Try to login .

Tried to log in but shown “wrong password” ?

Not interested to get a brainy war to remember . So follow me .

Step 1:

You would be often syncing your iPod Touch with your PC . Isn’t it ? If yes then what you have to do now is simple. Just connect it with the same PC.

Step 2:

Once connected , get back to your PC i mean your computer guys . On that what you have to do is get the iTunes opened .

Step 3:

Third step, Now your iTunes is opened right ? If that is a yes then you have to select the icon ” iPod touch” .

Didn’t found that ? Guys look at the screen’s left side .

Choose IPOD

Step 4:

Fourth step, On your screen you can see a summary option , What you waiting for just click on “Summary”.

Step 5:

Step five , a restore option is available right ? So click on “Restore“, then a prompt appears, that prompt asking you, if you want to back up the device or not.

Step 6:

So the next thing you have to do is back up so without a doubt click on “Back Up“.

This would take some minutes because all the data and information stored on your iPod touch is on the process of back up .

You can know when it is done . If you see a prompt appearing n your screen then the process is all done.

Step 7:

Once Back up done next is to restore . So don’t wait just click on “Restore“.

Again wait for a while guys till the next prompt appears on screen.

Step 8:

Then in step eight, click on “OK“. Then the initial setup screen of your iPod Touch’s opens.

Step 9:

We are moving towards the end of the session . This is your second last step on this . Here what you have to click is  “Restore from Back up of” and choose the most recent backup from the list, to back up your data those are stored in your iPod Touch device.

Step 10:

Last step , click on “Continue“. Then the iPod touch restores. Then follow the rest of the prompts to finish setting up the iPod touch, after that your back up process gets completed and hence resets your password.

Then you can easily access your iPod Touch with your password.

Restoring password is very important thing to access the valuable and important data, those you stored in your iPod Touch.

The above written ten steps are very much helpful to  you in restoring the password of your iPod Touch. You just follow the steps in proper way and try to do all things in a peaceful mind so that solve your problem in a better and easier way.

I hope you liked this tutorial and this piece of writing becomes helpful for you in solving your problem in resetting the password of your iPod Touch. If you have any difficulty in following the above 10 steps then communicate with us and if you still have any doubt in doing this.