Apple iPhone provided a lot of wide applications and feature, now I’m going to explain that one of the most important feature that is how to make a conference call on iPhone. It as an ability or capacity to allow you to making conference call on iPhone and this will allow you to talk with a group at the same time. Do you want to know that? Here the following steps are given below.

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Step 1:

iPhone, iPad or iPod

Just make or call to First member.

Step 2:

Then tap Add Call and call to another member before that hold the first call and call to another member. To the second call suppose if you want to talk personally you can talk before merging first and Second call.

Step 3:

Finally tap the merging call if would you to merge it with the conference

Do the step 2 and 3 for add more calls on conference.

Suppose could you like to make conference call on iPhone with incoming calls Just tap Hold call answer then tap to merge calls.

If it not use of function or working check your wireless provider it should be enabled to your device, could you not able do it. Just call them to enable to your device.