If this is possible to find free royalty images for your blog post, Yes this can possible by using Google advanced images search. In this article we are going to know how to do this. Images and infographics are not only making your blog attractive, This will also increase your Blog Post SEO . We all know if we created a blog post means we must use at-least one images per each and every blog posts. So that’s why today I decided to write about this Google advanced image search to find free images for bloggers. I hope this article will definitely helpful for blogging beginners to find free licensed blog images or license free images .

Showing something that visually and graphically is much easier for understanding by audience rather than reading the full article, That’s why all the blog post writers are using images on their blog post. And also the images are very useful to make attractive for our blog. And also using this images with proper name and Alt and Title tags can increase your blog on page SEO.

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Why we need to use this free images for our blog, Most of the newbie bloggers are doing this mistake, They are simply searching keyword on Google and using any images on them blog. Actually if you done this means you against someone copyright and you will be definitely going to face some copyright issues. Because the real copyright owner can file a complaint DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) against you. Most of the bloggers are worrying about this copyright problem on images, Using free licensed images on your blog post is a good idea to avoid this type of copyright problems. Google advanced image search is very useful for bloggers who are trying to find free images on the web.

How To Find Royalty Free Licensed Images Using Google Advanced Image Search

All of you already know and used Google images search, This is an advanced feature of this Google image search. You just go to this Google Advanced Image Search Page , And then you will find the page like screenshot below, Add your keyword in the first blank like I added “free images”.This advanced Google image search allows you to do some features like select image size, aspect ratio, color and format like jpg or png etc.

The last option is usage rights there you have to select ” free to use and share” for find creative commons images for your blog. “not filtered by license” is same as normal Google image search. You can also find some other options like “free to use and share even commercially”, “free to use,share or modify”, “free to use,share or modify, even commercially”.

If suppose this search will not showing any free images for your keyword ,You tried for the keyword like “WordPress or Blogger” and there is no free image on that keyword means, Search with the parent keyword like “Blogging” now you will get the much more results. Now choose any one of the free image that suitable for your blog post.

Google Advanced Image Search

This is the best and straightforward method for find creative commons free royalty images for your blog or blog post. I recommend you to bookmark that advanced search page for use whenever you need this. Now you possibly can to find all free images by simply searching with Google itself.

This simple Google image search feature helps bloggers lot for finding easily which one is copyrighted ? and which one is free to use. Using free stock photos or images for blogs or small business website does affect any copyright.

Still you have any doubts feel free to ask me via comment on this post, or else you understand this article well means share this article with your social media.