Voice over is one of the greatest discover in the case of Mac devices.  It is the primary option in many situations as it is significant accessibility feature on Mac. It guides you through various options like letting you know what is on the screen , activating a button with the help of keyboard or trackpad. This feature will be useful for people with low eye vision and for people who face difficulty in operating systems for longer run.

How to Use VoiceOver Feature with Touch Bar on MacBook Pro

In the new Mac book pro , Voice over feature along with Touch bar serves a lot more functionalities and saves a lot of time. Launching of various gestures have made the voice over feature a more straightforward one.

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How to Enable and Use Voice Over with Touch Bar on MacBook Pro

How to Enable/Disable Voice Over on MacBook Pro : 

Hold the Command Key and triple touch the Touch ID button to turn ON/OFF the voice over feature.

How to Use VoiceOver with Touch Bar on MacBook Pro : 

How to Use VoiceOver Feature with Touch Bar on MacBook Pro

Here are the list of gestures you can use along with the Touch Bar once you have enables the Voice Over.


  • To activate the direct touch mode for element under the Touch bar you need to Double Tap and hold. You can adjust the sliders easily.
  • Users can swipe left or right with one finger to move the Touch Bar focus to next or earlier element.
  • Double tapping anywhere on the Touch bar will activate the element under the Touch Bar.
  • Moving your finger over the touch bar will change the Touch Bar focus and announces the element under your finger.
  •  Touch any item with your one finger and then tap the Touch Bar with another to trigger the element under the first finger you use. This gesture is known as split-tap.

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The experience of using Voice Over along with Touch Bar is really a good one and a must try too. The features are updating phase and new gestures are getting introduced for users to make the best use of the debut options. Using such option in your Mac book pro will be worth your time.