Most of us are video buffs. Some of us [okay, a large and vast number of us] like to upload out handiwork on the internet. The easiest and fastest and the most convenient way to do this is –

  1. To create a YouTube Account.
  2. To upload our work on to YouTube.

Well obviously.

YouTube is a medium or a platform that is

  1. a) Easily accessible
  2. b) User-friendly
  3. c) FREE!

Thus, it is perfect for enthusiastic people all over the globe to use this platform and use it to upload their art and share it with the wide world!

A YouTube ID is not just helpful in this regard, but also useful for a lot of other things. If you want to follow certain people online because you respect their art, and get first-hand updates when they post something, this is a great way to do so.

It enables you to keep up with your respected artists –musicians, poets, dancers, painters, dramatists, and the like –and provides a forum for you to give your own valuable feedback, voice your innermost thoughts and emotions to certain videos, explore and find new things, and also to connect with others who may just be your kindred spirits.


Now, it may so happen that somehow, for some unforeseen reason, you want to delete YouTube account permanently. Though it is probably a travesty that you want to do this, you might have reasons for doing so. So in the sad event that you do want to delete your YouTube account, what do you do?

The process for even this earth-shattering and heart-breaking thing is simple [just as the process for other heart-shattering and heart-breaking things is. It’s really easy to break up and destroy the good things in this world].

This article provides you a perfect way out of the forum you have created for yourself by having that active YouTube account that you so often used, but for some sad reason want to heartlessly discard now.

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Now, just as there are multiple ways to do most horrible things, there happen to be not one but two methods in which you can delete your YouTube Account.

YouTube Account settings

Method 1: Actually Deleting the YouTube Account

Step 1: Visit the Google Account Management page.

Google Account Management page

Go to the Google Accounts Management page. You can do this by typing in “” in a browser. Google usually links every YouTube account with a Google+ account. Therefore, if you delete the Google+ account associated with the YouTube account, your YouTube account gets deleted too. The whole two birds one stone theory. In action!

Step 2: Click the “Data tools” tab.


You will find a tab called “Data Tools”. Click on this tab.

Step 3: Delete the plus and features.

& security

Click the “Delete Google+ profile and features” link. This will delete your Google+ profile and all its features.

Step 4: Check it off this list.

Account preferences

There will be a check box after the line which asks that you “Required” everything related to your Google+ account to be deleted. Tick it off!

Step 5: Remove excess baggage.

Delete a google service

Now click on the “Remove selected services” tab. This will make sure your YouTube channel will be deleted as well.

Method 2: Deleting the Channels.

Step 1: Log into YouTube with the channel you want to delete.

If you want to know how to delete a channel on YouTube which has been created via a separate YouTube account, log in to this particular account.

Step 2: Click on the “gear icon”. [Typically, this is the icon used for Settings in any device].

This gear icon can usually be found beneath your channel’s name. Click on it.

 Step 3: Get advanced! [Fast, it is the 21st century after all!]

There will be an “Advanced” link. Click on this link. This is located in the Overview section of the Settings page.

Step 4: Obliterate!

Click the “Delete channel” button. To do this you are required to sign in with your Google account. After you have done so, the “Delete channel” page will open before you. Here, you will be shown all the videos and the playlists which will be deleted if you are to do on your reckless path! It will also show you the love and support you will lose when your subscribers are lost!

Step 5: Visit Google+ site.

Sign in here with your preferred channel.

Step 6: Go to Home, and then check Settings.

Do this! Do this quick!

Step 7: Delete!

At the bottom of the page you will find a “Delete page” tab. Click on this.

Step 8: Confirmation.

You will now be asked for next confirmation that you indeed want to delete your preferred page. Grant the permission. Confirm DELETION!

Step 9: The last tick!

Now you need to tick off each service that you wish never to have served you again. Do so and your YouTube account is gone forever!