YouTube is now days a popular video-sharing website. The Headquarter of YouTube is situated in San Bruno, California, United States. YouTube was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005 and still it continuing. YouTube was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion in November 2006. Now days YouTube was operated as one of Google’s subsidiaries and millions of people using this.

YouTube is basically a website that allows users to upload a video, view a video, and share a video. YouTube uses WebM, H.264, and Adobe Flash Video etc technology to display a wide variety of user-generated and corporate media video in the website, so that people easily share and download the videos on the YouTube site. Available content on YouTube includes different types of video clips, TV video clips, music videos clips, and other content such as video blogging of different types, short original videos made by peoples in all over the world, and educational videos like study tutorials etc.

YouTube also allow us to create a personal YouTube channel where you can provide your videos. If you have many YouTube channel and no longer have a use for one of the channels you’ve created on YouTube among all channels, then you can quickly delete it from your account settings easily. So that all uploaded videos and comments are removed from that channel. Another thing is if you want to remove or delete your Google account’s main channel (usually your name from it), then you’ll need to delete your Google+ profile from it. By this way, you can quickly hide your channel from the public instead, so it is very easy for you.

Let’s discuss how easily, we can delete or remove a YouTube channel. Here some steps are listed below to guide you to delete or removing a YouTube channel.

Step one:


In step one, first you need to log in into the YouTube channel that channel you want to delete or remove. Your profile image is in the upper-right corner of the page you can switch between your channels by clicking that image, this is very easy. If you want to delete your Google account’s main YouTube channel, then you will need to delete your Google+ profile, so that your YouTube channel can be deleted.

After you log in into your YouTube channel account, you will be seeing your profile image and a Gear icon and many other things on your profile.


Step two:

Youtube Settings

In step two you need to click your profile image and then click on the Gear icon. This will open your channel settings pages on which you can find options to delete your YouTube channel.

Step Three:


In step thereafter clicking the setting, you will see a Advance Link click the “Advanced” link underneath your channel name.

Step Four:

delete channel

In step four you need to click the “Delete channel” button at the bottom of the advanced page shown to your screen. If in case there is no “Delete channel” button available on your screen, you need to signed in with your Google account’s Google+ profile and you will need to erase the Google+ profile connected with your main account before your channel can be removed, then you can easily delete your YouTube channel.

Step Five:

permanent remove channel and its data

In step five review what will be deleted from your account. The system of YouTube channel will list all the content that will be removed when your channel is deleted that is all uploaded videos, playlists, subscriber counts, comments, and history of your YouTube channel that is you used and currently deleted.

Step Six:

Click delete channel

In step six you need to click on “Delete channel” option to confirm your deletion of your YouTube channel. After that your YouTube channel will be removed from YouTube.

These are very simple are easier steps through which you can delete your YouTube account from YouTube.

The above stated steps are very simple and very easy to access and this method will help you in easily deleting a YouTube channel that you no longer use. So it is very important to delete all unnecessary stuffs like videos and other things from internet those are you don’t want to use.

The above listed steps may help you in the process of deleting your YouTube channel that is not required by you. So red the above steps carefully and tray to learn all steps clearly and utilise the steps properly to solve your problem by successfully deleting your YouTube channel from YouTube.

I hope you enjoy the above discussion and learn some things about YouTube and mostly how to delete your YouTube channel from YouTube. If you feel any difficulty in the above discussion then, please let us inform about this and give us some suggestion to improvise our knowledge and skills by your valuable suggestions.