How to Easily Create Text Clippings in Mac (OS X): Drag Text to Copy

Exactly what is the regular option to copy and paste text from the webpage or any doc? You select the text using your mouse, right-click onto it and select “Copy”, then look at the place in which you would like to paste and right-click a button and select “Paste.” On the other hand, you could use the “Cmd + C/Ctrl + C” shortcut command to copy and “Cmd + V/Ctrl + V ” to paste. Although this is actually a somewhat simple method for saving text in a different application (Text Editor,Word), the process is just available to a single set of text/content, and when you choose one more set of text and makes use of a similar solution to copy it, it will eventually change the text first you copied.

Mac OS X

As it is typical today, there are actually multiple ways to do solo action. This can be the situation with copying/pasting text from the particular window to a different. To do this, you can either use Mac(OS X)’s built-in features for dragging text, or you can even easily create text clipping on mac from the text you would like to copy.

As said before, copying and pasting on the clipboard is actually a basic method to transfer text in between various documents. It’s also possible to transfer text by dragging and dropping it, and that is probably a faster and more effective way. To make this happen, just select your required text, and then click and drag the choice to anywhere you would like to paste it, maybe it’s a web page, document, and so on.


Please note: Make sure you clipping words, no blank space/blue selection area. In case you don’t select a word, the text won’t move.

Create A Text Clippings To Save Text For Read Later:

Dragging text allows you to copy it easily to multiple locations, however it does need that you have your highlighted spot on screen. When you get some text that you’d wish to save for future use, the primary technique you might use is to merely copy it into a text document and save it. One more method to save it easily for later would be to just drag the text articles into a Finder window, therefore creating a text clipping.

Drag and Copy Text in Mac OS X

Please note: On some systems, you should click the “Option” key when dragging the preferred text to a Finder window.

After you have created the text clipping file, it is simple to open it and copy/paste your needed text when required. This is certainly really a simple process thinking about that one could quickly create multiple text clippings and save it for read later.

Clipping text in Mac OS X

The primary problem with using this method is usually that it only copies text and not images. When you select images with text and dragging it to a finder window for create text clipping , OS X will undoubtedly save the text feature, but not the images. A workaround because of this is basically that you can also make text clippings for those text sections you would like to copy, and you will drag your images to your Desktop computer or some other place to save them.

Images to copy clipping text in mac OS X

Now, when you’d like to embed them in the document, just copy the text individually and place your images were needed. It’s not so easy, however it is useful and fast.

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Do you use the normal Cmd+C/Cmd+V way for copying and pasting text, or do you wish to use some other technique, maybe among two described above? Or do you’ve any other easy method you would like to share with us? No matter what, you should definitely show in the comments below.

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