In this mundane world, everyone wants to become rich and earn lots of money. Everyone these days want to earn easy money as well. For that someone tries their luck in gambling, stock brokering or stock marketing, in lottery or in some other places like that. But we have some easy and innovative ways to do business and earn money, one of the ways is known as ‘Google Adsense’. Now most of you may be thinking, what is ‘Google Adsense.’

Google Adsense’ is nothing but a nice way to earn money or in the sense to monetize your traffic by allowing other websites owners to advertise on their Google search pages. All this is done or in the sense managed by a program known as ‘AdWords’-Pay per click marketing. Anyone can see this ads displayed in the free or organic results and on the right side of the page on For example see this image:


This are called Sponsored results and the advertisers are paying a certain amount of money per click for this ads. It is an auction based system that allows advertisers to compete for those spots by placing their highest bids and the most ‘quality’ ad, gets the top spot.

Adsense Program:

It is a program that can help you drive additional income to your website, if it is a content based website.

Boost your Google Adsense Revenue:

Boost your Google Adsense Revenue

To boost or to enhance Adsense revenue or earnings ranges from Ad placement, writing specific posts, appealing to certain referrer etc. Adsense revenue is the amount of money you have made in your selected time period. For fresher’s or starters, it is only two weeks. If it is explained further, you will earn Rs.1000 for every 1000 visits to your site. Ads Clicked, is the amount of ads clicked by viewers. Now we will learn some tips to boost our Adsense revenue:


  • Appealing to your Top Referrers:

Appealing to your Top Referrers

When you enter into your ‘Google Adsense,’ Click on content then Adsense, then Adsense referrers, this will bring out the list of all the websites that sent visitors who have clicked on an ad, as well as timeline of your earnings. The most important part of the results is not ad clicks, viewed or even the revenue. It is the Click through Rate (CTR) and Effective Cost per 1000 impressions (ECPM). So you have to appeal to your top referrers to bring in more visitors who can click your ad.

  • Write Contents that links within your site:

Write Contents that links within your site

This step always produces some good results. If you have a look at this above graph then you will see on the date 6th of November. There is huge increase in your earnings. This happened because the post you have published named ‘A beginners guide to Photo editing’. This simply meant that anyone viewed your page must have to click on another page because of your added links and hyperlinks, if they wanted to learn anything. This forced them to increase their pages per visit, which creates more ad impressions.


  • Text and Image ads:

Text and Image ads

Activating your ad units to display both text and image rich media and types automatically increases the number of ads competing to appear on your sites. More advertisers in the ad auction drive higher bids and more revenue for you. If you want to increase your revenue then simply go into the ‘My Ads’ Tab and click on ‘Edit ad type,’ next to the ad in the list. This will greatly increase the cost per click. So even if there is no improvement in the number of clicks that your website is getting, you will still make more money without any loss.


  • Increase Ad Size:

Increase Ad Size

Advertisers always prefer wider ad units for their premium inventory, resulting in higher bids for your ads placements. You can start by changing single ads on popular pages to see how well they work, and if it is not intrusive, then you can start rolling it out across your whole website. You cannot do this in your sidebar because you are aware that whole width of the sidebar must have to change. And that will be taking lot of time and also mess up all the spaces or spacing you have laid out for your posts. Instead of that, you can add a wider ad at the end of each post that is different from all other ads on your website and this help in good improvement in your sales.


  • Ad Placement:

    Where you chose to place your ad on your site will really make a big difference for getting the amount of clicks that you get or want to get, because the more rightly the ad is placed, the more likely, someone will see it and more amount of money can be generated.


These are the ways to boost your revenue.