Pattern lock is one of the best security feature available in android smartphones, In iPhone by default pass code lock only provided and there is no inbuilt function for use pattern lock on iPhone, But using this useful trick now you can add pattern lock like android to iPhone or iPad.

Pattern lock is nothing but in the nine dots on the screen you have to re-draw a pattern which you set for unlock your mobile. In android they added this feature by default for security reason. Most of the iPhone or iOS users are want to add this pattern lock feature but its not available in iPhone, but you don’t worry about that. That’s why I decided to share this iPhone trick.

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How To Add Pattern Lock on iPhone:

iphone pattern lock

In iPhone there is no any option for add this feature, but I found a best way to add pattern lock to your iPhone just like android smartphone. In Cydia there is one application there for add this pattern lock to iPhone or iPad.

Cydia is just like app store there you can find some free and premium apps for your iPhone or iPad.

Cydia for iPhone

Step 1 :  Go to Cydia and search for the app “Android lock for free”.

Step 2 :  Download and Install the app on your iPhone from Cydia.

Step 3 : To activate the patten lock on your iPhone, Go to settings and tap Andrid Lock and tap change pattern.

draw pattern

Step 4 : Now add the pattern would you like to add on your iphone.

Step 5 : Click the sleep button on right side to lock your mobile.

Step 6 : Now draw your password pattern before you set for unlock your mobile.

If you have any doubts or problems when you trying this pattern lock on your iphone or iPad comment here.