What is iCloud?

iCloudMost of you might have seen the logo and hope you are familiar with the word iCloud. Isn’t it ? Okay no problem even if you really don’t know because majority will be only familiar with the word but let me tell you exactly is “iCloud

So here we go …

iCloud is a computing service that the company Apple Inc. provides to its users. It is basically a platform for storage, and distributing stored data among connected and intended devices. Recently, as of July 2013, it is supposed to have 320 million users.

The administration furnishes its clients with intends to store information, for example, records, photographs, and music on remote servers for download to iOS, Macintosh or Windows gadgets, to share and send information to different clients, and to deal with their Apple gadgets if lost or stolen.

The administration also likes to have a remote backup of iOS gadgets directly on iCloud, as opposed to being dependent on manual reinforcements to a host Mac or Windows PC utilizing iTunes. Administration clients are likewise ready to share photographs, music, and recreations immediately by connecting records through AirDrop remote.

It overthrew Apple’s MobileMe service, going about as an information adjusting platforms for people’s email, contacts, schedules, bookmarks, notes, updates (schedules), iWork archives, photographs and other information.

Ok guys, i hope now you have a clear view about the topic . Now let’s know more.


  1. Backup& Restoration

iCloud Photos

iCloud permits clients traverse through the settings and information on iOS gadgets running on iOS 5 or later versions. Data incorporates photographs and other features found in the Camera Roll, gadget settings, application information, messages (iMessage, SMS, and MMS), ringtones, and Voicemails. Backups happen day by day when the gadget is bolted and joined with Wi-Fi and a power source. If there should be an occurrence of a problem (a technicality) in any Apple gadget, in the rebuilding procedure, iCloud offers to restore all information alongside App information.

  1. Back to My Mac

Back to My Mac, in like manner as of now a bit of MobileMe, is right now bit of iCloud. As sooner or later as of late, this organization grants customers to sign in remotely to distinctive PCs that have Back to My Mac enabled and are composed with the same Apple ID.

  1. Email, Contacts, and Calendars

Moreover with MobileMe (and .Mac and iTools before it), an iCloud record consolidates an email account. Not in the least like MobileMe and its past cycles, an email area is an optional bit of an iCloud account, in that the customer can pick not to use it yet rather can regardless use the email as their iCloud Apple ID. The email record can be gotten to using any standard IMAP-great email client, and moreover the online web application mail client at the iCloud.com. Besides, on an iOS device, iCloud email is push-engaged.


Customers changing over existing MobileMe records to iCloud records kept their current “@me.com” email areas, and customers whose records began before MobileMe and had both me.com and mac.com email areas kept both. In like manner with the .Mac to MobileMe move, existing customers find the opportunity to keep their old areas besides get an arranging new iCloud.com address, so messages sent to a considerable record with diverse addresses all end up in the same inbox.


  1. Find Friends

Discover My Friends was another part familiar with iCloud in iOS 5.


  1. Discover My iPhone

Find My iPhone, in the past bit of MobileMe, licenses customers to track the range of their iOS device or Mac. A customer can see the contraption’s vague range on an aide (close by a circle exhibiting the scope depicting the space for give and take), demonstrate a message and/or play a sound on the device (paying little heed to the likelihood that it is arranged to calm), change the mystery key on the device, and remotely erase its substance. The component was at first given an account of June 10, 2009 and was consolidated in iOS 3.0 item redesign as a segment for paying MobileMe clients.


There are a great deal of different components related to iCloud also, nearby the few specified previously. They make the interface, an extremely helpful device to get on with life. Yet, the inquiry tended to here is this


Can people access iCloud from a Windows PC? And if so, How?


Well for this the pre-requisites are simple –

  1. You must have an iCloud account.
  2. You must own a Windows PC.


Now to access your iCloud account from your Windows PC just do the following:
  1. Download iCloud for Windows. In the event that it doesn’t introduce consequently, go to File Explorer and open iCloud Setup.


  1. Restart your PC.


  1. Verify iCloud for Windows is open. In the event that it doesn’t open consequently, go to Start, open Apps or Programs, and open iCloud for Windows.


  1. Enter your Apple ID to sign into iCloud.


  1. Pick the substance sorts that you need to keep redesigned over your gadgets.

iCloud -apply

6. Click on the “Apply” button.