Setting up a website is not a skill everyone has or even wants to have, considering it too difficult and time consuming. The term “website hosting” is thrown out frequently with few people knowing what it truly means; which is that a company hosts a server allowing you to create your own unique website. Doing research before you select a web hosting companies domain name through a different site are few helpful pointers that can get your website started and off to a good start.

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Like any smart investment, the first step should always be research and know what you want and what company has it. Having a couple choices in mind when selecting a host is important because things do change and it is always wise to have a backup plan when trouble arises.

Another form of research that often gets overlooked is talking to other customers; this is an honest way of getting feedback on a potential purchase. Look on the internet for forums, message boards and unbiased reviews of hosts to garner any feedback you can before you put your money on the table.


Using a host site does cost money and there are several ways that a host can charge you. The first is that a host will make you pay a flat fee upfront to use their servers and then if your traffic increases then you will be charged more. A second way that you can be charged is simply through web traffic, the more you have the more you pay. Doing research on service costs will be one way to help you decide what host works best for you.

Another thing you can do to potentially cut back on costs is to check for a money back guarantee. If you are unhappy or feel that you chose the wrong host, many sites do offer a money back program which will help you recoup your losses.

Provide backup data

Eventually, technology will fail in some form. It happens to everyone and is pretty much unavoidable. Many website providers want you to back up your files in some form, so when something goes wrong you are not left out in the cold and your website will not function properly. This does require more time and effort on your part but it will be worthwhile if something goes wrong, which happens more than anyone likes to admit.

Learn your audience

A common concept of any type of business is knowing your audience and how to get the information you have out to them and make sure that they are receptive to it. Many hosts offer a free clicker or counter for your website so that you can manage how many people are checking out your website. You can learn about your viewers through online questions and looking to see what they click on, on your site.

Domain name

hand pushing a button on a touch screen interfaceA domain name is a great way to get attention for your website, and if you have a memorable one then people are likely to come back as your name is engrained in their mind. However, a domain name is something that you want to hold on to and not have to give away any rights to; this is why you should register your unique domain name through someone else other than your host. If something goes wrong with your host, you want to make sure that you have the control of your domain name.

Whether you are new to the website business or just looking to start fresh, choosing a website hosting can be difficult. There are a lot of sites out there but doing research, investigating costs, providing backup data once you select a host, learning who to market to, and selecting a good domain name are great ways to head off to success.