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Nearly all of us use Google these days – whether to research for a term paper, or for random web-surfing – it really doesn’t matter. But since, most of us are staring into the Google pages for a better part of the day; I really couldn’t hurt to know some useful Google tips and tricks to keep up our sleeve.

  1. Quote it! (Or misquote it.)

Sometimes we want to search for a particular phrase. But we don’t know all of it so we put u random search words in the hopes that we will find the phrase.

Red Alert! You are doing it wrong folks!

Just quote the parts that you remember. Do not bother with the punctuation; Google Search really doesn’t care about that. And even if you happen to misquote it, Google will refer you to the phrase that sounds almost alike to the gibberish that you have quoted, or misquoted. And in 99 times out of 100, you will find the phrase that you are looking for.

  1. Asterisk it!

If you do not know the whole phrase that you are looking for and just know parts of it, here is what you do. Type out the parts your do know and put an asterisk (this symbol here – “*”) for the parts you do not know.

Google understands that the * parts are the blanks in your memory and searches so.

  1. Subtract it!  

At times when you are searching for term, you might want to eliminate certain words from the search result. Say, that your first result returns a lot of information and you do not want half of it… This is what you do then.

Subtract or eliminate the terms, by using the minus sign [this sign here > “–”] if you do not wish to have them in your search result, and click the spyglass icon again. This will give you better and more accurate search results.

  1. Search for keywords.

You do not know how to phrase your search query? Do not panic. This happens more often than you would think actually.

Just search for your query in an un-phrased way and add the word “keyword” to the end of your search query that you’ve typed into the search box. If you’re lucky [and this is usually the case], Google will provide you with keywords to better your search phrase.

Use these keywords and re-type your search query. Click the spyglass icon and get better search results.

  1. Search news archives.

Sometimes the information you are looking for doesn’t have proper articles on them. Try Google News!

No. This does not just give you the most relevant news headlines of the day. It can do much more!

Google News has archives that date back effectively to the mid-1880s and so if you look up your search query in Google News, you will be granted access to all newspaper articles and snippets that are relevant and relate to your query. You can even compare news articles from different newspapers around the world, and in different languages no less!


  1. Use “vs.”

Use “vs

When, you are in the need to compare something, use “vs” for better results. This will provide you a side-by-side, detailed comparison of the things you wish to compare. Handy, isn’t it?


  1. Use a Filter for your search.

This is a useful option that you can find under “Search Tools”. Sportsmen, and ailing patients, listen up! For people usually with diet restrictions, this is the perfect tool. But you can use it to search for things other than proper and suitable foods too, such as cars and gadgets that you may want to buy!


  1. Define it.

Google dictionary can define anything; slangs included. So when the meaning of a word eludes you, and you can’t find your paperback friend “Oxford”, just use the Google dictionary.

It even had the urban dictionary programmed into it with the latest lingo updates on it, so that you can find out what “bae” is.

  1. Flip a coin.

Flip a coin.

When you are lacking a coin for your coin toss, you can easily use this Google feature. It lets you virtually flip a coin. Umpires and referees out there, this is the end of heavy pockets weighed down by coins. Use this feature!

  1. Feeling unloved?

give me a love quote

Use the “love quote generator”. This is perfect when you are felling blue on a date-less Friday night. Press the mic on the Google search bar, and speak up. Say: “give me a love quote” or “I love you” and Google will do the rest.

This is a handy tool for the lovers of Romantic literature who are riffling unsuccessfully through their un-jogged memories for a quote for the mid-term paper too!


These are just a few Google tips and tricks. If you are a true Google lover, trust me there are plenty more Google hacks and tricks. Just explore!


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