Recently Google released their official publisher plugin for WordPress, this plugin allows you to use Google Adsense, Webmaster tools, and Google Products easily on your WordPress blog . There are lots of WordPress plugins already existing in WordPress but this quite different from all other plugins.  As well as Google Publisher Plugin is the official Google plugin for WordPress , Implementing many features to optimize WordPress blog better.

Google announced this official Google publisher plugin on webmaster central blog. This plugin still under on beta version, this new Google WordPress plugin helps bloggers to easily insert Adsense code on WordPress and verify blog or website on webmaster tools. Using this plugin bloggers can use all Google products within WordPress dashboard without leaving WordPress platform to blogger platform.

At this moment Google allows to use only two products Google Adsense, Webmaster tools. I hope in future Google implement more products and features.

Google also provided the Help Center page for those who needs assistance for getting started with this plugin. I likes this plugin very much because this works as interesting, before using this plugin I used many WordPress plugins for inserting or implementing Google Adsense on my blog. None of the any others plugins does this, This plugins inserts AdSense code without modifying your theme, No need any coding knowledge for insert AdSense code at any place you want on your WordPress blog.

Most of the other third party WordPress plugins inserts adds only on widgets and top or bottom of posts but this Google publisher plugin inserts ads on places are getting high Click Through Rate (CTR) , Using this plugin you can also can maximize your Google Adsense revenue.  This plugin also increase the performance and speed of your blog by optimizing AdSense advertisement loading time.

Google Publisher plugin for publishers available on WordPress plugin directory, You can directly search and install on your WordPress dashboard or else simply download and install from here.

Official Google Publisher Plugin

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How to Verify Your Blog or Website Using Google Publisher Plugin

First of all you need to sign in your Google account, Go to WordPress settings > Google Publisher plugin setting and then click Getting Start button, Once you done this you will now see the page looks like this.

Dashboard setting of google publisher plugin

To verify your blog or website just click the “manage site” button this will allows you to verify the sites associated with your signed in Google account, That’s it  now your blog or website verified successfully and check your sites potential issues, and use webmaster tools features.

How to Setup Google Publisher WordPress plugin for AdSense

Every newbie bloggers are searching for the WordPress plugins to insert Google AdSense code on WordPress posts and pages. All third party WordPress AdSense Plugins are simply inserts your Google ads on only widgets and top or bottom of the posts and pages, But Google official WordPress plugin places your ads on high click through rate (CTR) places on your Home Page, Single Page, Archive Pages, So using this WordPress plugin you can also maximize and optimize your Google AdSense earnings.

To setup Google Publisher plugin for AdSense you should have a Google AdSense account activated account, then click same as previous steps click “Getting started” button and then sign-in your google account as well as allow permission for this Google Publisher WordPress plugin to access your Google Adsense account.

Then you just go to your blog their you will see the options like home page or single page (page or post), Archive page, Select any one option and then now you can able to insert Google Adsense code on places which has high CTR on your blog, Google shows the red colored bubbles with sign of plus to insert your Adsense code like below screenshot.

Google Publisher Plugin

You just click the manage ads this plugin will analysis your blog, and then suggest you the best places for insert your Google Adsense ads. If you see any errors when implementing this google publisher plugin for Adsense , You just flush your blog cache plugins then it will become fine.

After successfully connecting your Adsense account , You’ll be able to insert ads and change formats, colors, fonts, ad style, everything. If you selected ad-style as automatic this will be takes and shows as Responsive Google AdSense Ads on your blog.I recommend you to choose automatic Ad-style because it will optimizes Adsense advertisement for visitors from mobile and tablets.

You can’t change your Google  AdSense advertisement fonts and colors inside your WordPress, After inserting your Ad-blocks go to the Google Adsense my Ad-unit their the new ad-units are created now click the edit to change fonts and colors.

Note this Google official publisher plugin for only self-hosted WordPress blogs not for WordPress free blogs, You can’t install this plugin on free blogs like

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