If you are a user of some touchscreen device and have windows installed in it then you definitely aware with the conundrum situation that you face while using Google Chrome on your device. Like, tabs are hard to close, scrolling using touch is hard to do.

Because unlike the Internet Explorer, chrome was not mainly designed for touchscreens.

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft made a great effort to make it friendly for touchscreens. In Windows 10, If you are using Google Chrome then you have an option to optimize your browser. In such a case, buttons which are otherwise small will get enlarge for you.

But to your surprise you can make chrome touch-friendlier on the Microsoft surface by enabling some hidden features. Here, in this article, I would like to introduce you with some amazing tricks that will definitely help you to come out from the unpalatable condition.

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How to Make Chrome More Touch-Friendly on the Microsoft Surface

1)  Activate Tablet Mode to Make Chrome Touch-Friendly

There are a lot of Windows users who always kept their “Desktop Mode” enabled and this seems very obvious also. As the user interface in Windows, allows you to control a touchscreen tablet with a surface pen as well as with the mouse.

Activate tablet mode to make chrome touch-friendly

As you already know that in Windows devices, various third-party applications like Google Chrome work distinctively in “google chrome tablet mode”. Whenever you select any text field like a URL or an entry box in a form then it will automatically detect it and bring up the active keyboard for you, as Microsoft Edge does.

Whenever you tap outside the text box, it will automatically collapse the keyboard. This thing will not work in Desktop mode.

To enable Tablet mode:

First open the Action Center which you easily get by swiping in from the right side of your screen. If needed, then tap on expand to see the “Tablet Mode”.

After that tap on the Tablet Mode to enable it. On doing so, It will automatically collapse down he taskbar to only the Windows button, Back button and Cortana button on the left side.        

2)  Switch to the Virtual Keyboard to Make Chrome Touch-Friendly

All the Windows users are aware with an irritating situation when they are not able to accurately enter web addresses, email addresses or any other text that they type to search something on the Internet even with the help of surface pen, unless you are blessed with an amazing penmanship. Therefore, and not using pen input, you need to switch to the mobile-looked virtual keyboard to enhance your typing.

You can see that if you tap on any text box in chrome-the URL bar will work fine.

Then a text input tool will appear in front of you your default text input tool. If that tool is Windows handwriting recognition tool, then you have to tap the pen button which is in the lower right corner of the screen.

After that, tap on the standard or split keyboard option.

This will back you to the virtual keyboard.

switch to the virtual keyboard to make chrome touch-friendly

Indeed, if you want to use pen input then you just have to tap on the keyboard icon on the virtual keyboard itself to switch back again.

3)  Tweak Chrome’s Flags to Make Chrome Touch-Friendly

First open your Google Chrome browser.

Then type “chrome://flags” in the URL bar and press Enter. This will open an experimental setting page for you in the chrome.


Either you can look at the settings or you can press Ctrl+F to open the search box.

Then you have to search for the following settings and edit them.

  • Scroll Prediction

It will predict the finger’s future position during scrolls therefore allowing time to give the frame before the finger is there.

Then click on Enable to enable this feature.


  • Enable Touch Events

This setting provides you various common features like pinching to zoom, tapping and dragging to scroll etc.

This option is by default Automatic. It means that chrome will automatically detect that Windows 10 PC is touch enabled.

But if it is not able to detect and you want touch-mode then you just have to enable this option.

  • Link Disambiguation Popup

This option will help you to zoom the links when there are two or more than two links side-by-side.  It will help you to click on the right link and avoid wrong links.

Click on Enable to enable this feature.

  • Touch initiated Drag and Drop

This will help you to drag and drop the drag able elements from the chrome like an image.

To enable this feature, click on dropdown and select enabled.

  • Enable touch based text editing

This feature will help you to use cut, copy, paste and delete option more efficiently.

Note: This feature will work only in older version of chrome (before 49.0). So, if you have older version of chrome then you can enable this feature.


All the settings that I have discussed above will definitely help you to make chrome friendlier on your Microsoft surface. If this article will help you in anyway, then do comment in comment section. Your comments means a lot to me.

Thank you for reading. Hope you get, what you want!!