Google AdSense Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Do you use Google AdSense?

You do? Okay.

Here are a few Google AdSense tips and tricks for you

These will help you generate profit and work better on AdSense.

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  • Want to maximize profit? Create more than a single website.

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If you are little Ms. Greedy Guts and want to maximize your AdSense profit margin, then just add a few more websites. However, go a little slow and do not create too many websites either. This could be a bane instead of a boon for you because you might not be able to end up maintaining all the sites properly and that wouldn’t help your profit margin in any way.

  • Create your own corner. Make your space.

You can create a site under any topic that you wish to choose. But the traffic on your site might not be as desired. So make your site topic-specific. So, if readers want to read up on something and it related to your topic, they will make certain to visit your site first!

If you have more than one site, you can make different ones cater to different topics. This will likewise give you a smart thought of what topics see most web traffic and you can model your sites accordingly.

  • Make it personal.

Remember, there are many types of people in the world. And there are many people in the world as well.

This means that there is a very good chance that other people might be interested in what YOU are interested in. Thus, cater to some of your own interests. This will make sure that you can write about and provide better information about the topic which is pretty crucial when it comes to attracting people to your site for the content it offers.

However, make sure that the topic for your interest is something that is in demand. Because if you pick a topic that you know very few would be interested in, it will do nothing to increase your profits.

  • Old is GOLD.

Google Adsense 1

Be sure that you do not put up Google AdSense on to a site which is itself brand new. You do not know the kind of web traffic the site has and so this will not help your ads. It might do nothing for your profit margin.

Only put up ads on to time tested sites that incur a lot of web traffic through the livelong day. This makes putting the ad onto the site profitable to you. And your viewers as well as the owner of the site you have out your ad up on.

  • Do not make images our neighbors.

It is against Google’s policies to put up images next to your ads. So please refrain from doing so. It is thought to be a kind of “encouraging click” and this is strictly prohibited.

Don’t get sued by Google. Just stay away from the pictures next to ads. Ok?

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  • Place images in the right places.

However, you are not banned from using images altogether. Place images optimally on your site that co-relates with your text. This improves the authenticity of what you are saying and ensures your site gets greater hits per day.

  • Avoid affiliate sites.

If you want to keep up optimal profit, this is key. Ok?

Well-known sites that are affiliate sites may get you more click because your site is brand new. But, this is not a reliable approach to earn maximum profit. It is also consider a violation to AdSense policies.

  • Update Regularly!

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Make sure to keep your site updated. If you do not do so, the web traffic on your site is sure to drop eventually. This is bad for business.

  • Create complementary ads.

Create ads that complement your site. Do not think that only big ads are the best ads.

Sure size matters! But small sizes can matter too.

Find an optimal size for your ads that suit your site and use this size for your ads. Make sure your site and your ads are visually appealing.

  • Do not stress! STAY STRESS FREE!

Some people are prone to just stress themselves for no reason when Google comes up with new algorithms. DO NOT WORRY.

The new algorithms are so, so that spammers and hackers do not succeed in taking over the world. So if your site suddenly takes a viewer drop or something happens because of a new algorithm, just relax.

Do not try to work your way around the algorithm. Accept it. And re-build the parts of your ads and sites that you want and your viewership will go up again!

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  • Read AdSense policies!

Sometimes you just do not want to read the fine print. And though mostly, you may think that this is fine, it is NOT! Read the AdSense policies. Make yourself familiar with them. This will help you.

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