Goodbye Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Saying farewell to an old friend

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool has long been a favorite and go-to resource for SEOs and SEMs alike. It was one of the first freely available keyword analysis tools available to anyone wanting to do a little keyword research for their next campaign. The best part was that you didn’t have to have an account to use it!

This news should not come as a shock – for months now there has been a notice on the Keyword Tool’s page stating that support was ending soon. But just because something isn’t a surprise doesn’t mean that a loss is not keenly felt. We are going to miss this stalwart standby tool, even if there are others out there ready to take its place.

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Ushering in a new era

Now that this tool has been retired, Google has officially replaced it with their new AdWords Keyword Planner, which is supposed to be a combination of the AdWords Keyword Tool and Google’s Traffic Estimator.

The new Keyword Planner is still free, but an AdWords account will be required in order to make use of it. This might post a problem for former users of the Keyword Tool who enjoyed it because of the lack of account registration requirements.

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There are other tools out there besides the new Keyword Planner offered by Google. One interesting contender is Google Correlate, a Google Labs project currently in development. If you are interested in seeing how searches stack up when compared to geographic locations and trends over time, this might be a tool worth checking out. Another potential replacement for the AdWords Tool is the Free Keyword Tool offered by Wordstream. This tool operates much like the AdWords tool used to and might be a better option of users are looking for a more plain-Jane tool without any extra functionality beyond pure keyword research and analysis.

Your takeaway

One of our favorite keyword research tools is no more. This is going to cause problems for more than a few marketers and consultants – even if they weren’t using the tool for AdWords research, there was still a lot of valuable information to be found in the results the Google AdWords Keyword Tool produced.

Now users of this retired tool are going to have to change tactics and alter the way that they approach keyword research if they are going to make the most of Google’s new AdWords Keyword Planner for their present and future campaigns. And of course there are also several alternative tools out there, some powered by Google and others coming from well-known SEO and SEM companies. Depending on your needs and preferences it should not be overly difficult to find at least one tool to help you ease the transition away from a tool that we have all known and loved for some time.

So it is with fondness that we bid farewell to an extremely useful keyword research and turn our sights toward the horizon and the tools and advancements that the future will bring.  Its time to focus on real marketing and get in front of your target audience.  designed visibility boost to do exactly this.  Create brand awareness do social outreach and get in front of your prospective clients.

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