As the world is moving towards more entrepreneurial mindset, everybody is looking to be self-sufficient and self-employed. In this context Google Adsense is one of the ways where one can earn money by using his/her knowledge through writing and promoting. Google Adsense gives one freedom to be absolutely independent.

This is an impeccable technology which is used and trusted by a lot of folks and publishers all around the globe. Also, it’s quite tough to get your account opening request accepted at Google AdSense since they are known to be looking too extreme quality and professional approach. It has been known that Google AdSense receives more than a thousand requests per day out of which they accept merely 3. So here is what you can do to get your own Google AdSense account in just three days!!!

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Google AdSense

So before we start with the procedure, let’s make it really clear that you have to follow the steps mentioned below to the last detail, until you don’t want your request to be thrown out without getting into any kind of waiting queue. Just make sure you don’t compromise on some very crucial things like good designing, number of posts on the blog, owning a domain and similar other things, omitting which can enhance the chances of rejection at your part. So here are the most important things which should be kept in mind before you apply for an account opening request in Google AdSense.

 Keep the number of pages/ articles/ posts as low as possible.

When you are using WordPress as the framework for your development, you just have to make sure that there are at least 40 articles of high quality which are having 100% unique content and are entirely original. The content written in the article should be exceptionally affluent and the images used there should be used very appropriately. Also, you can try and include around two to three articles of more than 2000-2200 words each. These articles should act like the center of attraction for your blog and should leave everyone stunned while going through your blog. And of your website is based on HTML or any other non-CMS platform, just make sure that there are no less than 50 landing pages on your website. If any of the above-mentioned criteria is not fulfilled then your website may be rejected by Google AdSense, the reason being improper or unsatisfactory web content.

Forbidden/ banned Website forte

There are a number of survey statistics which says that to get your approval request progress more rapidly it is good to include articles on issues like Law, Technology, Internet Marketing and other similar topics which gain a lot of social attention. Any kind of unlawful or illegal content posted on the website can create a complete distress and can cause Google to take action against your request. Also if you are doing niche blogging then it may also create unnecessary issues on your part, since this is considered to be a spamming offense which is done to get a higher rank for your website in an illegitimate way.

There should be no third party programs or advertisements

While getting a validation from Google AdSense, it should be made sure that there is no place for any kind of third party interference or allowance on your website. The staff at Google will rigorously look into your website and will reject your account request on sniffing any kind of third party involvement on your website. You should strictly keep a distance from Chitika, or any other kind of Yahoo ads so that you can offer a clean first impression for your website. You just need to make sure that the content on your website should be completely unique and original and there should be some standard widgets offered to the visitors. You should also keep in mind that there should be no interference of any kind of hosting programs or click back events until your website gets an approval from Google AdSense.

 User interface and website design should be outstanding.

The first priority for Google is to always give ultimate browsing experience to its users through any if the website that they pass on. It is exceptionally important to keep up a very good design and awesome navigation experience to the users which can boost the chances of your website getting Google AdSense approval. This is something where you can get a lead ahead others because most of the people miss these nuts and bolts.

So before placing a request for account opening with Google AdSense, you need to make sure that the design on your website is completely user-friendly and neat. Also adding a professional template will enhance the look and feel of your website without compromising on the speed and ease of navigation.

Freedom the intrinsic desire of all human can be translated into your life by using Google Adsense. It is time to be independent, self-sufficient by using knowledge. Google Adsense the beginning of your financial freedom.