How to use Geostickers in Instagram Stories on iPhone or iPad

For a while  instagram users find the app to be less fun and monotonous. After adapting the “story” feature from snapchat , instagram’s reach has become wider with users adding up day by day.

Grabbing the unique features from snapchat is not something new for instagram.The success of the “story “ and “disappearing post” has fetched millions of users for the app. The impact doesn’t stop here.

It has lead to instagram has planned to add a little spice to your instagram stories by  launching it’s another new feature inspired from snapchat.As we all know , it has never failed to surprise the users by aping Snapchat’s feature.

Instagrammers can now have fun playing around with the new feature that can enhance your stories look and feel.This facebook owned app has now offered its users a location based feature called “Geostickers”.

Geostickers are the most popularized and often used location based stickers in snapchat which is now available in instagram.It is more like a “visual location tages , that can be added to your stories.

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This new feature was initially launched at New York and Jakarta , but now it has reached a range of countries and customers.

For all those people , who care about their privacy and take extra steps to make sure they are safe around the online forum / platform , need not worry about this feature.Because with this stickers you can add any amount location related stickers to your photo or video and arrange them to create illustrations and make our stories vibrant .

Depending upon the place from where you are posting your photos , you may be able to see location stickers based on that particular area.


In the above image as you can see , it is an island / beach .Hence the stickers will resemble things that are related to beach and islands.

What Instagram Does that Snapchat Doesn’t :

  • Initially , the snapchat stickers could not be resized or rotated.Whereas instagram users can resize and place it where ever they want it to.
  • Instagram allows you to navigate around the location you have pinned with just a “Tap on that location”.

  • In instagram , you can add multiple geostickers.


How to Use Geostickers in Instagram Stories on iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch Instagram app from your iOS device.
  2. Tap on the “your story” icon at the left top corner and click a picture or video as you like.
  3. Once you are done clicking or recording a video by pressing the “white button” at the center bottom of the screen ,tap on the “Sticker icon” at the top right corner of your screen.
  4. You can now see all the available stickers that appears from the bottom of your screen.
  5. Click on the “Location” icon.
  6. Tapping on the location tag leads you to a search bar where you can search for a specific location.
  7. After adding the location , you can add other location related stickers by just tapping on it.
  8. You can also adjust it’s position , resize it and rotate it as per the need.
  9. We are now done with adding “Geostickers” to our story.
  10. Click on the “arrow” at the right bottom of your screen to share your story.

Irrespective of the city you live in , instagram offers you a range of stickers to add in your story.

For people who care about your privacy and safety :

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap on location.
  • Under instagram , Uncheck the “While using the app” option.

By doing this you can prevent our location being viewed by your followers and strangers.

Instagram with this new app , allows you to make your story more attractive and more impressive by resizing it and placing it wherever we need it.

With the steps being very simple , it has made instagram more intresting and has lead to one of the often used feature and users favorite.

Let’s enjoy this new feature by updating our travel diaries until intagram comes up with another new feature .

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