Google has always amazed us and yet it goes on to do so. With it’s two operating system almost taking over the entire smartphone business, it still seems to be not so happy about it. Yes, you guessed it right ! Google has this new operating system coming out called Fuchsia and it’s user interface ( UI ) is known as Armadillo. This new operating system might go on to replace Android and Chrome OS.  From what far we know is that this open source operating system will run on all the devices that run Android.

Now, you might be wondering what is wrong with Android and why is Google competing with itself only? Well, there is nothing wrong about it just a major and remarkable difference between the two. Android is based on Linux kernel whereas Fuchsia is based on Google’s very own micro-kernel called ‘Magenta’. As you know, Android is totally based on Java and Google has battled patent lawsuit with Oracle over the use of this language, for the past few years. Now, that they have their own kernel, they can go on to do whatever they like. The UI is already made available for public. The Fuchsia OS uses Flutter SDK which again is owned by Google. This micro-kernel based OS is going to bring better performance to your phone with better battery life, increased processing speed and what not? But sadly, It is still in the early-stage of development. So we can close that it is not going to take-over Android any time soon.

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While the hype is too much why not try it on your own Android Device? As the operating system is still in developing stage, we can try the Armadillo UI on any phone. The redecorated look, the overhaul feel, the new way of navigation, you can have it all in just an APK file. Thanks to the developers online that they have made this process quiet simple and straightforward. You just have to follow a couple of steps and you will be good to go:

How To Download & Install Google Fuchsia OS APK On Your Android

1. Change the settings

As you know, you can’t just install any application in your android device with the apk file. To do that you have to enable installation from untrusted sources. How do you do that?

  1. Go to the phone settings
  2. Look up for security
  3. Find the section which says Unknown sources
  4. Tick it

This will allow you to install APK files on your own risk. Also, fret not we promise the this APK won’t do any harm to your system.

2. Google fuchsia apk download

Just click the link above and download the APK file. In case you are wondering what you are downloading, it is just a compiled version of the user interface for the operating system. It is no operating system, just around 13 MB. This fuchsia OS APK is just the very basic and alpha build version of the coming Fuchsia OS.

3. Enjoy

Once you have downloaded the APK, open it up and install it as any other app. Once you click on the APK, the above screen will pop up to ask whether to install the app, go ahead with the install option. After installation you can find the Armadillo User Interface application in your app drawer. Go on and have a look. It is just a dummy unit and Google hasn’t really provided anything from now on about this operating system. You can have all the visual aesthetics you want.

The interface is categorically divided, having a central panel that shows the details of the owner of the device and some basic information such as time. Also, as you can see it has battery level also, you can go on to click on the user to get further information about the user. This is also a card based interface which has cards on which you can tap on easily. By swiping up you can find Google Assistant, everything looks completely different from Android.

You are free to do whatever you want to, swipe up, swipe down, crawl around, pinch in or pinch out. This is probably all we have from the latest Fuchsia OS. Also, not to get confused with the OS and UI, the thing you have downloaded is just a part of the OS. Armadillo is the user interface and Fuchsia is in early stage of development. But it is really great to see that the look has been completely changed. Look at it carefully, one day it might replace Android and Chrome OS. If you are too lazy to download the UI, you can either have a look at Kyle Bradshaw’s video on Fuchsia operating system or go through the screenshots we have here.  You can also surf through Git-Hub page to see what is the progress on the project and what really is happening.

The gist of this APK is to just give you a look around of what Google has to offer in the coming years. We can’t yet say whether this OS will be launched or not, only time will tell until then keep enjoying and do let us know what or how do you feel about this user interface in the comments section below.