Some argue that there is a fine line between killer content and old-fashioned filler… but they’re wrong. The difference is really night and day, with the latter having little to no place whatsoever in the world of today’s Online Business.

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Well, that’s assuming of course we’re talking about what does content mean an online business that intends to succeed and survive online.

The long and short of website content these days is that every single thing you put into your site will in some way be held in your favor or against you – there is no other way around it. Be it by Google, any of the other major search engines or your readers themselves, opt for filler and you’re on a fast train to nowhere. The world’s SEO outsourcing experts have been warning for years that the value of filler is on its way out and we’re now approaching a time when any content that isn’t top-notch will do you and your site more harm than good.

So with this in mind, here’s a look at a few tips from the pros on the subject of creating the kind of killer content that’s actually able to carry your site forward into 2014:


Keyword Stuffing

In years gone by you could easily get away with an OTT keyword density of about 10% to get your content noticed by Google. These years are long gone. These days, your site will indeed get noticed but for all the wrong reasons. As of right now, dare to go over about 1.5% keyword density throughout your content and you’re in big, big trouble. And this also counts for content that’s already in place, so if you’re guilty of taking keyword stuffing to the max in years gone by, it might not be a bad idea to make some repairs before you find yourself in Google’s bad books. It’s an easy way to repair the damage and will save you a ton of time and money.

Length for Length’s Sake

The same also goes for excessive length – the very definition of filler. As above, you won’t get away with banging on for page after page about nothing, for no other reason than to build your word count. If it isn’t relevant and doesn’t have a point, it has no place on your site and will see you exposed as a spammer. If it isn’t really worth saying, get rid of it immediately. You will see an improvement in no time.


Another huge problem is that of clutter, not necessarily from an SEO standpoint but for your readers and visitors. You can use a professional SEO outsource team to get readers to your site in the first place, but if they are presented with nothing more than a ton of messy clutter they have to mine for any answers, they won’t even bother. Killer content is all about getting straight to the point from the word ‘go’ and then offering access to deeper information, if they want it. Respect your audience and offer it useful information and they will be happy to come back to your site.

Nothing New

Last up, Content That’s Killer is all about giving the folk that arrive on your site something new and interesting to read. It’s not exactly a difficult equation to grasp – if they’ve already seen what you have to say on a million other pages, why would they bother to read on? Or worse still, why would they ever come back? It doesn’t really matter how you make your content unique and interesting, just as long as it is. Offer a unique point of view and you and your site will be remembered for all the right reasons.

John Baron is a professional search engine marketing specialist with over 5 years of experience. He currently works for iSolutions Media Company as an SEO serving different clients from various industries.