Good quality fonts and templates add a lot of value to any page or document. Right after the quality of information and content, the fonts make it look attractive and affect the interest of readers. This is why all the developers and designers keep searching for fresh and creative fonts for their toolkits.

In this article we give you more than 20 beautiful and best fonts for designers. All of these typography fonts are free to download and use. So you go through this list and choose the one that best suits your work.

From the basic and traditional to the most artistic and creative ones, best fonts free download and apply them to make your work or website more attractive.

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Top 20 Gorgeous And Creative Free Fonts For Designers


Giraffey font

This consists of a very simple and clean design. It displays the texts in a tall and condensed manner, which looks very classy and refined. It can be used in posters or website designing. You have to go to the above link and register first. Don’t worry it is available free and after registration you can also explore some more fonts there.


This one is a unique and stylish one. It is free for personal usage but for proper commercial use you would have to get a license. This one is an all caps font and is available free download here.


This one is quite different and looks as if someone has handwritten the letters with a marker or paint. It is available for free download here.


This one is also a full caps and handwritten fonts available for free us. Then file is made in OTF and WOFF formats. It gives a very vintage look to the letters and is quite unique in many aspects.


You can download this Bold and stylish font from the link given above for free and use it for commercial as well as personal uses.


Humger is a mix of rocky grayish vintage text and modern designs. It is a really beautiful font. It can be used for projects or logos commercially as well as for personal uses.


This one is very classy and you can get the .ttf format file download for this font here . It would look great with dark themed backgrounds.


Bravery can work perfectly in very high quality. And it has a lot of phenomenal example font images and how it can be used merging with images.

Quick caps

It has great colors and appears as if someone has actually handwritten it. You can download this font from here .


Bonfire comes with 2 sets of capital letters and looks like a brush drawn text. You can download its free version from the website and use it for personal use.


This one a very delightful font and is inspired by tropical themes. This one can be use for personal and commercial use and you can download it from here.


Noway has a lot of options for you in the package that it offers free to download. Its font style is like that of a modern magazine and a lot of options to make it more attractive.


This one is quite fashionable and modern font which would look great with high quality dark images. You can download the font here .

Wild Youth

This is yet another beautiful font which comes up with hand drawn letter script. You can design logos, webpage headings or use it for any personal work.


You can download the flow font style in .otf format here . This one is quite simple and has a free brush font. It even has a set of accents in the letters list for use.


This one would also suit official work or can be used in magazines. You can download it from the link given above or from here .


This font can be used for multiple purposes and is made modern calligraphy in mind. You have to get the Premium font license to use it for commercial activities.


You can use it for personal use for free and download it from here. The commercial license is also affordable. It is downloaded by a lot of people and is very simple, classy and deep.


It is a light, full caps font that looks really pretty if used with a dark and HD theme. You can download the zip file for this font from here.


This one is a retro type font with natural curves but still looks quite amazing. It would look very nice if is used as logos, textbook headings or history books content.


Alcubierre is designed by Matt Ellis and this one is a thin and sharp font. This one would go best on pictures with less content and minimalistic design.


This one is very good looking and is inspired by the street arts of the designer’s hometown. You can use it for commercial use too and it is available in .ttf format for free download.


Anurati is downloaded by thousands of users. It is a cool futuristic font which shows parts of each letter not the. It’s free and comes with a commercial license.


It is like a handwritten font by an ink pen. The base line is also not fixed which gives it an amazing wavy look.


Last but not the least; Gorgeous is a very classy and advanced font of all. It can be used as the magazine heading text or for posters. It can also be merged with images and looks pretty amazing. You can download it for free and the commercial license is available at a very affordable price.