How to Force Quit Programs or Apps in Mac

Usually you should not use force quit to close the application on Mac OS X, If you use that means it will close a current documents or files without saving them, even though you want to quit the application close the current application and use force quit. Following steps are given below for Force Quit Programs in Mac OS X.


Click Quit from the Application menu

On the Dock select Quit by right click on the application icon.


Press cmd+option+Esc key continuously, To quit select the program or application. And click “Force Quit” button

Suppose if application does not close use these steps..

Force quit programs in Mac OS X

Open another application such as finder and then in apple menu select Force Quit. And select the unexposed application click Force Quit to OS X force quit application.

Press control and option keys on your Keyboard and click the icon of the unresponsive application or programs in Dock.  Select Force Quit in Menu appears.

From the utilities folders open the activity monitor selects the unresponsive application or running programs mac force quit, Choose the Quit from the view menu or click force quit button from the tool bar of the activity window.

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