The Apple Watch is not just a Watch! It’s so smart for every smart buddy. It is a smart watch that operates as a small wearable device on a user’s wrist. The Apple watch is designed to pair, or connect, with another Apple iOS device like an iphone to allow an extension. Extension in the sense; a remote device. In fact, users will only use the apple watch with an iphone 5 or 6. Apple Watches has a retina display that is protected by a sapphire screen, and it uses both a touch screen and a digital crown wheel is provided for operating the interface.


By using an Apple Watch you can make calls, check caller ID and access visual voicemail, send and receive text message, and get weather updates. Moreover, it provides fitness updates via heart beat rate and other health monitoring sensors, offers map coordinates and directions. In short, you can say it as a full-fledged small and smart device that is perfect for your wrist.

Force quit Apple watch apps

Apple Watch has been loved for its butter-like softness by a number of early users, but it’s important to keep in mind that the software is still delicate, and as such, may meet the odd delay now and then. You may, at certain times, find that apps get freeze up, or even stop to respond, and at that time, there’s a relatively easy fix. Below, you’ll learn how to close off unresponsive apps with an ease.

Force closing an app without upheaval is something that you come across apps while using them on your iPhone. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be set for life. But even if you’ve spend hours on just playing, be gentle towards it. There is a smart trick that can let you force stop an app on your Apple Watch. There are easy steps to force closing App that will keep the smoothness even if it gets hang.


Push and hold the side button your Apple watch. You see a power down menu on the screen.


Once it is done then leave the side button free.


Now, push and hold on the side button again to force close the active app. When the app is closed, and then automatically taken to the home screen of your watch. Now, the app has been closed.

Note:    If you still encounter problems, then go for the next step. ‘Step 4’ can be applied for better results.


Restart your Apple watch –

Restart your Apple watch

  • At the first, Push and hold on the side button to bring up the power down option on the screen. Then, simply drag the power off slider to the right side. It is normal procedure for both OFF and ON.
  • Next, push and hold on the side button again unit you see Apple logo on the screen.

There is another option that you can try to resolve this tiny issue. Follow the below step.


Reboot your Apple watch:

  • Your watch will be reset by holding the side button and the power button simultaneously. It can potentially solve this issue. That’s it all about !

Apple products; is that their watches appear to be more enjoyable. It has been designed to be smooth both from outside and from inside. For those people who prefer to allow larger accounts, their version of comfort watches even have gold on them, even if at much higher prices.

Problems about such issues are general. Till Apple finds a better method to solve this issue, the above mentioned steps are sure to help you. No doubt, Apple will surely look forward towards this issue soon. Apple watches from Apple reflect the continuing evolution of the touch surface from their iPhone’s, iPods, and iPad. For those people who prefer to use a more portable, tiny interface instead of any mobile phones, Apple Watch is a best they can get. One example of communicating with others is to share the location of where you are.  The watch also allows you to talk to the watch just by using your voice.  Likely other functioning apps will surface in the future that can further exploit the varied uses of the Apple watch.

Apple Watch can be an ideal complement to current fitness equipment for those who like to engage in physical fitness programs such as walking or jogging.  It’s convenient, wearing this fitness band to include this feature when switching tasks from business to recreation or exercise.

Again Apple has once again made a new generation compact system i.e. the Apple Watch, with their very skilful integration of both hardware and software in the fields of iPhone.  They have raised the height to create a high-quality watch for people to wear.  For those who have waited many years for this, this is one of the most amazing smart watches ever produced.  Many people will look forward to go for this watch from Apple to their daily routine.