How To Fix iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Stuck In The Headphones Mode

Got your latest iPhone/ iPad/ iPod? That’s cool! The first few weeks, or months for some nerds, the iPhone is treated with gentle care and tender touches. Later, new becomes old, gentle becomes rough and tender becomes hard. Well, that’s human psychology. Now, slowly an unwanted guest knocks your door. That’s either your iPhone bug or wrecks.

One of the most commonly occurring bug is that your iPhone is stuck in the headphone mode. Well, you have unplugged your headphones. But still, your device thinks that the headphones are still plugged-in. This might either be a bug (software error) or your iPhone needs some refurbishment (hardware fixture).

This might happen mostly because you’ve disconnected the headphones or speakers too quickly. Or, disconnecting the headphones while some app in your device is using it. Or, using an incompatible or low-quality brand of headphones.

Here are some antidotes that you can try before hitting your nearest Apple support community or dumping your iPhone.

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How To Fix iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Stuck In The Headphones Mode

Plug-in and Unplug: When unplugging your headphones, you might have pulled them out fiercely or you might even have damaged the 3.55mm jack. So, just try re-plugging in your headphones slowly and unplugging them with care.

Reboot Your Device: This will restart your phone and then try playing some music through your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch speakers.


Suck Your iPhone Jack: Well, this may sound crazy, but will actually work. When you suck through your iPhone jack, the tiny water droplets that entered your iPhone jack will come out and will let the jack dry. This helps most of the time.



Use a Q-Tip: There might be some tiny amount debris in your iPhone jack which will be giving your iPhone a misconception of headphones being plugged in. So, use a Q-tip and with gentle care, try to remove the debris off the headphones jack. Do not wet the Q-tip for easy removal of the debris as this will wet the jack too.

Try Another Pair of Headphones: If you are not using Apple headphones in your Apple device, instead using some unbranded headphones, then this will have damaged your headphones jack. So, try plugging in the branded Apple headphones.

Update IOS: There might have been a bug in the previous IOS version. So, try updating it so that the bug will be removed in the next version.

 Try a Bluetooth Speaker: This will connect your iPhone to your Bluetooth speaker and this will also make your iPhone come out from the headphones mode.

Hit the Nearest iPhone support care: If none of the above work, then try visiting your nearest authorized iPhone service centers.



Well, these are the best ways to get your iPhone stuck in headphone mode to normal mode. Hope they help!

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