How to Fix Shockwave Flash Player Crashes Issue in Google Chrome

Google Chrome over the years has become the most popular and the most used web browser. Chrome accounts for more than half of the web internet traffic today. Loads of helpful extensions to add specific features and shortcuts along with regular updates and support is the reason behind Chrome’s success. But as we know nothing is perfect and so is Google Chrome. Chrome experiences some crashes/problems now and then. Most of them are really minor and can be easily solved by simply googling the error. One of the more frequent crashes that users experience is the Flash Player Crashed issue.

What Causes The Flash Player Crash Issue?

Unlike other browsers, Google chrome has its own version of Adobe Flash Player built in which is updated with every new Chrome version. In addition to this you may have another Flash installation, either downloaded from Adobe or might have one bundled with your computer. Other browsers like Firefox make use of the host Flash installation to run Flash content. The Shockwave Flash Player Crash issue is caused when Chrome gets confused and attempts to use both the OS installation of Flash and the internal Chrome installation of Flash.

Thus when both the Flash Installations runs simultaneously,it results in Plug in conflicts which in turn results in the Flash Player Crash Issue. The crash has been discovered to slow down the browser often. Some serious browser lag,even temporary lockup also followed by a browser wide crash of all active Flash activities. Follow the below guide to solve the Shockwave Flash Player Crash issue in Google Chrome and to have a smooth web browsing experience.

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How To Fix Shockwave Flash Crashes in Google Chrome

Method 1 : Disable One Version Of Flash Player

You will need to disable anyone of Flash Player plugins to stop Google Chrome from crashing. Chrome will then be left with only one Flash Player to Play the content and won’t cause the issue.

  1.  Open Chrome Browser and type chrome://plugins/ in the address bar (where you type a URL).
  2.  You’ll receive a list of all the plugins installed in Chrome after you press enter.  Search the list for Adobe Flash Player or just Flash entry. If you see (2 Files) there is a good chance you have found the source of your Flash related crashes. It is the conflict between the two files that has caused the crash.  The trick is to disable one of them.
  3. In the upper right hand corner of the browser window,there is a toggle  [+]  Details. Click  on that toggle to expand the details of Adobe Flash Player entry. You should see two entries. One for the internal Chrome installation and one for the host OS’s installation. You can confirm which version is Chrome’s by looking at the location field. For Chrome it will be “C:UsersyourlogonAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataPepperFlash11.9.900.117pepflashplayer.dll”  And the path for Adobe’s version should be “C:WindowsSysWOW64MacromedFlashNPSWF32_11_9_900_117.dll” 
  4. You need to disable one of them to get rid of the Flash Player crash issue. Preferably the Adobe’s version. Simply click on Disable link to do so. Now chrome will load only version when running flash content.
  5. Next go ahead and close the plugins tab. Restart Chrome and enjoy crash-less browsing.

If for whatever reasons you are still having problems with the Flash Player and the browser keeps crashing,then try disabling the Other version of Flash Player (Chrome’s internal Installation). Try disabling the Flash plugins alternatively to see which one causes the crash.

Method 2 : Run Flash Player On Demand.

If you want to keep both versions of the Flash Player running and still wanna get rid of the frequent crashes,you can try disabling Chrome’s Flash Player and run it only when required, On Demand. By doing so videos and other Flash Content will only start playing once you click on them. Follow the below steps to change the settings and run Flash On Demand.

  1. Open Google Chrome’s Settings and scroll all the way down till you see Advanced Settings. Click On it.
  2. Inside Advanced Settings look for Privacy. Under Privacy, find Content settings.  You can save yourself the hassle and type “chrome://settings/content ” in the address bar to quickly access Content settings.
  3. Under Plug-Ins, select “Click To Play“.

Disabling Flash Content from playing automatically doesn’t exactly stop the Flash Player Crashes. But even if the player crashes only the current tab will be affected and not the entire browser. All it does is it puts a placeholder on videos and flash content like Ads. Once you click on the placeholder,Flash Player is activated and the Flash Content will start playing.

If you still experience bad Flash performance,try disabling all the extensions (about:extensions)to see if the problem goes away. You can also check if any other application on your system has conflicted with chrome and causing the problem. Just type “chrome://conflicts/” in the address bar and hit enter.

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However the Flash Player Crash Issue has been fixed now. If you happen to be using any of the older versions,simply Update your Google Chrome to the latest version. Were you able to bid adieu to your browser crashes with our How to Guide? Let us know below in the comment section. Cheers 😉

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