What is runtime error 217?

Runtime error 217 is caused mainly in windows systems. It appears while you try to open an application or a software program. It may arise mainly due to virus infections, presence of malware or missing of dll files etc. in your system. Runtime error 217 stops you from accessing certain programs and in some cases it may slow down the working of your computer.

And it appears something like this in a windows 10 system!! (It looks similar in all other windows systems too)

figure 1.1

Some specific suggestions for not running into these kind of errors is to avoid installation of applications downloaded from random online websites. Because they contain malwares which may affect the system performance in many ways. If the dll files are missing then try to download the respective dll files. Then try running the application/program. As soon as you find the runtime error 217 auto data you must fix it right away else it may become a major problem to your system and its performance.

There are multiple causes for the error to occur, and the below listed can be one of those.

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Causes for runtime error 217!!

  1. Trying to open any virus infected application or software, or due to the access of an incompletely installed application/program can cause the same. So, to avoid this install a paid anti-virus to your system, because free versions can be bypassed sometime. If you have windows defender keep it updated and it’s more efficient than other anti-viruses available.
  2. Missing of dll files can cause the error or failure in the registration of the dll file is also responsible sometimes.
  3. If an outdated .dll file is called then too the error appears. For example if the msvcrt.dll file is outdated then you have to update the file to continue the error free performance.
  4. Run time collision of two or more programs can also cause the error.
  5. Sometimes the error may show up while booting up the computer due to above reasons.
  6. Incorrect registry is also one the reasons for the cause. To fix this problem download an error fixer and let it download and fix the missing files/registry error.
  7. Incorrect sometimes the error may be due to regional settings on your pc. In that condition go to control panel and select “language and region setting”. Then choose the right regional settings and save it.

Solution to Fix the General Runtime error 217 problem

Step 1: Open the run window and type “msconfig” if it is a windows 8 and below version operating system, else click on start and search for the same (windows 8.1 or 10). As shown in figure 1.2 and figure 1.3.

figure 1.2

figure 1.3

Step 2: Click on the service button in the “system configuration” window, check “hide all the Microsoft services” check box and then click on the “disable all” button as shown in figure 1.4. This will disable all other processes running which are responsible for the error hence brings back the previous performance of your system.

figure 1.4

Step 3:  Press ctrl+alt+delete to open the task manager. Disable the tasks which are listed under “startup” one by one.

Step 4: Then reboot the system .

Conclusion: Runtime error 217 00580d29 autodata are common issues. They’re not a threat unless they have some bad causes like malware etc. So, if you encounter the runtime error in future run proper diagnosis and try to find a solution to the problem as discussed in the above steps. For further queries leave a comment below!!