Generally people face problems when iPhone keeps asking for Apple ID Password. This normally happens after a restoration or sometimes after an updating. But it is very unusual when Apple iPhone keeps asking for apple id and password when there is no downloading going on and secondly no problem with the password you gave and certainly not even a problem exist with your account too .

We get tired of this very soon . Because asking on same thing over and over and answering it as many times . Huh ! So horrible experience .

Now you will get a question on your mind at this situation for sure.

Why my iPhone Keeps Asking For Apple Password ?

Apple id password

I will tell you why is it so .

  1.  One of the reason for this to happen is failed downloads .But that won’t be visible generally on your home screen . This can be one reason .

2.   Another reason can something related your account settings . If there exist a problem in your account setting then this can happen .Well, this account section may be from iCloud , in the app store or in iMessage.

Now the next question on your mind is about how to solve this .

How to Fix iPhone Keeps Asking For Apple ID Password ?

There are some swift techniques that are discussed below . This may help you to resolve this unusual, irritating problem. So geeks no worries lets go ahead .

Methods to resolve the Issue


Reboot your iPhone

Let it be whatever issue that your device face . The first hand option to try is reboot. Because it is the best option you need to try for any kind of iPhone issue. So here in this case you have to try it out for the best result.

How to Reboot Your iPhone ?

Rebooting can be down by pressing home button and sleep button simultaneously.

reboot iPhone


Reset iPhone settings:

It is another good option if you are trying for resetting the iPhone settings without deleting the data.

How to Reset Your iPhone Settings ?

  • Go for the Settings panel
  • If you are done next choose the General option
  • Then go for the reset section
  • At last reset settings

reset all settings

First check these steps but if it doesn’t work then go for the next step that may work for your iPhone.


Check the updates, App Store, iTunes Store and Purchased Apps:

This is the 3rd step and many people get better result by use of this process. Hope it works for you as well .In this section you have to check out all of your purchased Apps history from your App Store. Be sure that no application should hanging with half update otherwise this may be the reason of this issue. You can only find out this half update details in this store because it doesn’t appear on the home screen.

If you are done with this , Now you have to do what ? Open your account settings in the App Store and try to logout and login again with an adequate ID. Like this you may solve your iPhone keeps asking for iTunes password problem or get some pre hints for your problem.

During the login time if you find that you are unable to login to your account then there is some sort of problem in your Apple login password. In that case once try to reset your password and try further to login with your iPhone or iPad.


iMessage/iCloud/Face Time:

It is always important to check your iCloud account. Always check it is configured in proper manner or not.Check switching off your account by deleting your account. Before doing this first prepare all the backup files for the iCloud and iTunes .

When you are going for login go to the setting and tap to the account field and erase the before written password and type the new one for your Apple ID. After type the password do login and see whether it fixes the issue or not. If the issue is not even fixed then you have to check the iMessage and Face Time under setting. These two apps always use your Apple ID even you are not turned on these services. In that case there may be some trouble with your account activation or information.

In this circumstances try turning off if it works then you have able to fix the problem. After that you have to reactive iMessage and Face Time with correct Apple ID and password.


Change your apple ID Temporarily:

  • For this you have to launch the Settings app and scroll down and tap on iCloud.
  • Scroll down and tap on sign out and confirm it.
  • In the next step you have to tap on the keep on my device and enter the password of your Apple ID. In this case the data of your phone will stay in the iCloud and it will be updated when you will sign in.


Update your iDevice to the latest version for this you have to follow these simple steps like:

  • Fast do backup of your iPhone then update to the latest version. For this go to the setting panel then general and then software update.
  • Once your device updated sign out from the iCloud.

By updating your latest version you may fix iPhone keeps asking for iCloud password problems.

It is clear from the above discussion that this problem has many solutions but you have to try all the possible solutions to fix this problem.

So always confirm your Apple ID and Password.This issue generally occurs due to the have updated applications. So it is always better to update all the application perfectly and keep your iCloud history fully updated.