In present world the apple iPhone become more popular and most of the users are using it. After the successor to iOS, Apple designed iOS  it is eighth major release of the iOS mobile operating system.

The Users started reporting iOS X.X Update Stuck at “Update Requested” issue while trying to update their device it seems their surge in traffic to have overloaded Apple’s servers this problems are due to thousands of people uses at time to update the files to overcome this problems.  Apple released iOS update for phone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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Usually error will be occurring during downloading:

  • Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, or try again later.
  • The iPad software update server could not be contacted.

While trying to check for an update from iTunes, users are getting a server couldn’t be reached error. iOS latest version is available as an OTA update.

It is good to hear Apple taking steps to overcome this problems it gave a new address to resolve the surge in traffic. To manage the surge in traffic for such major iOS upgrades is always going to be difficult.

Whenever there is a new update all users as do Settings>General>Software update and install the update.  When you get the software update page on your iPhone device and tap on the download or update button, you can see the Update requested.

Suppose if you’re iOS update stuck at Apple in Update Requested then try to Hard reset the device it can be done by simultaneously hold the Home and Power button  until you see the blank screen on the iPhone device and the Apple logo will appears again, and try to download the update again via the Settings app.

You can download the iOS firmware file directly from Apple’s servers and update your device manually using iTunes still if you’re facing some problems with iOS stuck on iTunes.

If you still have any problem on Fix iOS X.X Update Stuck at “Update Requested”, Then comment below and discuss with us.

  • Wiifan

    For some reason, on iOS 8.4 Public Beta, it won’t let me update to iOS 8.4 with Apple Music normally. Is there any fix to this? I tried a hard reset and iTunes says my software is up to date…

    • Liam

      Mine does the same, well I have the update requested part

      • Wiifan

        Well, I downloaded iOS 8.4 from a third-party site, and now my phone works, but it took me forever… It was so annoying, I hope Apple gets a 8.4.1 fix soon…

    • undfeatable

      Same issue, Beta user and can’t get the 8.4 update. iTunes thinks i already have it and no matter what I do, I’m stuck at “update requested”

    • James Russel

      Yes exactly! I’ve been scouring the web all day and this is the only place I’ve found people experiencing the same thing as me

    • Ari Saenz

      Exact same problem, how ironic that the beta users will be last to use apple music 🙁

  • Ari Saenz

    I found a fix for the problem, in general, go to profiles and delete the beta seed profile, then restart your iphone and it should be all good in like 5 min from restarting.

    • Wiifan

      I totally should have done that, not spend 2 hours downloading iOS 8.4 from a third party site. :/