Apple iPhone being one of the top most mobile that has reached a reputed level among the users through it innovation and technological creativity.It includes a application called iTunes which remains popular among the potential users.

Background information about iTunes for people to know , it is an application by Apple Inc for managing media , songs , videos , online radio broadcasting. It organizes the music and videos you download as a part of media library.It keeps track of your songs by using a virtual library where the user can edit the attribute of the song.

In the first stages of Apple iPhone and other devices were launched , iTunes was the only way to use their songs and digital media content.With the introduction of iCloud sync people switched from iTunes. But still now there are many users who are dependent on iTunes for various reasons.

Those regular users of iTunes to manage their digital media content often put forth a common complaint that their device is not showing up in iTunes. The reason for this error could be related to the system in which your device is to be connected or it could be some fault in your iOS device. Below are some of the reasons for iTunes not detecting iPhone or device :

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  • A small trace of dust may sometimes restrict your device functioning. Hence , dust off your ports before starting .Hence , when you are about to connect your device , make sure it is clean.
  • Check the working condition of your cable that is used to connect your device to the computer.It may be the infrequent connectivity established by your cable.Hence try with different cable.
  • Latest version of iTunes must be available in your computer.
  • The software that is available in your Mac or Windows PC must be updates to the latest version.
  • Cross check whether your device is turned on.Also unlock the iPhone with your passcode if your “Auto Lock” is on.
  • Close all the running programs in your PC.
  • Temporarily disconnect security software.

After trying all the above mentioned steps , use a Apple USB cable to connect your device and your phone.


  • Click on to the “Option” key.
  • Select “Apple Menu”
  • Choose “System Information” or “System Report”.
  • Uninstall third party security software if you find your device under USB Device Tree.

You can try further solutions from APPLE SUPPORT.

WINDOWS USERS : (iPhone not connecting to iTunes windows)

  • Windows would need iOS drivers for this .
  • If you have connected your device to your computer , disconnect it and reconnect it once again.
  • If iTunes opens , close it.Press “windows + R “ key.
  • Run command opens.Enter the following line :

%ProgramFiles%Common FilesAppleMobile Device SupportDrivers.

  • Click ok.
  • Install the file that reads “usbaapl64.inf” by right clicking on it.
  • If you are not sure about the file that is to be installed there is a simple tip.Right click on the space in the windows explorer box.
  • View —àDetails . You can be aware of the right type of file.
  • Restart your computer once you disconnect your device.
  • Try reconnecting it now and check whether your device is recognized by your PC.


After checking and making sure you have completed the above mentioned steps , here are quick solutions which may have some effect for iTunes not detecting iPhone windows issue. You can try with the Apple USB Device drivers.

Let me help you get through those steps :

Get started with the RUN command ( Windows key +R).

“devmgmt.msc”  enter this in the window and click ok for the “Device Manager” to open.

You need to find out “Universal Serial Bus controllers” section and expand it.


Search for the “Apple mobile device USB drivers”.

Do not worry if you couldn’t succeed even after after the above mentioned procedure.

Generally, there will be two types of error after executing these steps.Let us have a look on the error that will arise :

  1. You will be able to see an “Unknown device” or You will not be able to find Apple Mobile device USB drivers.
  2. Next error will be , Apple mobile device driver with an error symbol.

Here are the methods you can try for the above mentioned error :

For the first kind of error , you can try using a different USB cable or connect your device entirely to a different PC.

For the second kind of error , Restart your Apple mobile device service and sort out issues with third party security software.

So now what is “Third Party Security Software” ?


Any software that works on your system’s security and prevents your files from being corrupted if any virus spreads. Anti virus software turns out to be the primary reason in creating such issues in your devices.

Here are some of the ways you can try out with your security software which has a greater chance in rectifying your device recognition issue.


  • Before you step in to update your security software , cross check few things like :
  • Date , time in your PC is set right.
  • You have the latest version of iTunes.
  • Your Windows are updated.
  • Final step involves updating software.


  • Have an eye on your HOST FILES which may sometimes block your iTunes from connecting to your device.This occurs when you update iTunes.


  • Also make sure you have only one security software installed in your system.
  • Your security software can be a hindrance in connectivity hence it will be highly recommended to uninstall it temporarily.

Till now we saw in detail the options and possibilities that causes your device from being unrecognized by your system.It is now time to look into the remedy part.

Yes we do have solutions for these issues that are regularly experienced by potential users of iOS device.



Before trying your hands on any advanced techniques , you need to update your iTunes to the latest version available in the store.



Click open “iTunes” in your PC.

You can verify if there is any update available from the “check updates” option under “Help”.


You will now be navigated to the set of instructions to install the latest version of iTunes.

Ans let us now have a glance at the steps to update iTunes for Mac users


There are two places where you can check for updates

Click on the iTunes option available in your Mac screen.

You can see a “Check for updates” option.

Another method to check the update is the Apple Mac store.

Hence , use both the option to know the current version of your iTunes and update it if there is an upgraded version.



Go to “Device Manager” available under Control panel or you can search “Device manager” once you have pressed the “windows” option.


From the navigated window , select the “Update driver software”.

From the pop up window , select the “Browse my computer for driver software”.

Now select the “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer option”.


Select the device and click on the Next.

Your drivers are successfully updated in your PC.

If this method also doesn’t work , do not worry as we have another set of steps that can be tried out to resolve the iTunes recognition issue.


  • Go to settings.
  • Tap on the “General” option.
  • Select “Reset” option.
  • Finally , “Reset Location & Privacy”.


Once all the above mentioned tricks and tips go in vain , the last and only option available is to restore your iPhone.

  • Connect your device to the computer.
  • Open iTunes.
  • Select your device.
  • Tap the “Restore your iPhone ” option.
  • Confirm it.

As mentioned in the early part of this writing, this is one of the common complaint that iPhone users put forth . But updating the OS or iTunes would solve it without any extra struggle.

Even after trying your hands on all these tricks , hacks and tips , still iTunes cannot connect to iPhone because an invalid response was received from the device , you can contact Apple support for further help.