The error occurs when there is an issue with the Google Play application on your device. It occurs when there is an overload in the cache or junk memory, when there is a mismatch of apps or when an outdated version of an app is being used. There are various methods to fix this issue.

The ‘gapps’ in this error message refers to Google Applications. This in turn means all the applications which have been downloaded from the Play Store. Although it is usually unclear which application may be the cause of this error, it is generally the application which shows the error.

While using certain applications, the app may hang or become slow or show this particular error. This is usually due to lack of space in the cache memory. Cache memory is the memory which can be accessed only by applications and cannot be seen by the users. When there are many of junk or temporary files present on the system, this error occurs. One of the best ways to remove this error is to clear the cache. If this does not resolve the issue, the data associated with the application can also be deleted. However, deleting the data means a loss of user-specific information. Thus, the user’s preferences and settings may also be deleted.

Another common cause of this issue is a version mismatch. Every Android device works best with certain versions of an application. With each update, features are improved and added. However, this can lead to corruption of existing data.This can also occur when the system itself receives an update. In order to prevent errors due to this effect, it is important to update your apps regularly. Updating apps also ensures that their security is improved. Since updating may mean that the app is no longer compatible with your device, apps must be updated as per the user’s choice. To do this, automatic updates can be turned off. Thus, the user can then choose which apps are to be updated and when.

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Download Manager

  • Enable ‘Download Manager’: Follow Settings > Apps > ALL tab.

Tap on the Download Manager app icon to open App Details. Disable the app, and then re-enable it. Restart the device for the changes to take place.

The download manager is dedicated to downloading and uploading certain stand-alone files which are required for the normal working of an application. These are the files which seem unrelated. However, they are utilized by the app. Thus, to improve working, the download manager downloads and stores these files. Additionally, the download manager controls download speeds. It keeps track of and resumes interrupted downloads. Thus, it prevents file fragmentation and corruption of programs.

The download manager available on the Android Play Store control long running HTTP downloads. The URI can be downloaded to a specific location, based on the user’s requirements.

Fix “ has stopped”

Clearing Data and Resetting:

  • Clear App data: Follow Settings > Apps > ALL tab. Find and tap on the app which has shown this error. Click on Clear Cache If the issue is not resolved, return to this screen, and tap on the Clear Data option.

NOTE: ‘Clear Data’ will clear all saved data, conversations etc associated with that particular application. This can also be done for the Google Play Store to remove the associated error. All images, conversations, saved messages and other data will be lost. The user preferences and other applied settings are also removed. This is usually used only when the app is not working at all, or when the user requires more space on their device. By clearing the cache, temporary and junk files created by the app are removed. This improves speed and enhances performance of the device. It also empties some section of the memory.

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Fix “ has stopped”


  • Reset app preferences: Follow Settings > Apps > ALL tab.

Bring up the Options menu or tap the three vertical dots at the top of the screen. Tap on Reset app preferences and then hit Reset apps.

Fix “ has stopped”

Disabling Updates:

  • Disable automatic app updates:

Open the Google Play Store. Open the Play Store Settings. Disable automatic updates.

Once this action is performed, the user must manually update apps. This method is used to prevent version mismatch, as the user can make sure that their device works smoothly with a particular version. Even if other updates are available for that particular app, it will not be updated until the user decides to update it.

Fix “ has stopped”

  • Update the apps causing the issue
  • Uninstall and Re-install the app which is showing the error
  • Uninstall and re-install the Google Play Store (This must be done from a source with trusted apk.)


With the world becoming increasingly dependent on technology and applications, it is important that these work smoothly. Errors like the one discussed in this article seem simple, but can affect a user’s life in several ways. By troubleshooting and fixing these errors, the device becomes faster and more effective. Data and information are protected.