iPhone a souvenir to the mankind by the Apple Inc. Its sleek and stylish design with broad features makes it to be sovereign. This product by Apple has gained a huge popularity and has been one of the top most mobile phone brands. Mostly Apple products run on their own OS i.e. iOS that provides a unique interface to its users. Either its music or a video or surfing on the internet, you will definitely, gain a new experience. They are so unique, making iPhone a very successful product.

But after all Apple has made a silly mistake. When iOS 5 was released, then Apple provided a new feature that, you can take photos by using volume up button. But images taken when shared with a windows computer, the images were upside down. CompassInformation about the correct rotation of the photo to the properties of each image is specified in EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) tags.

The developers ignore the information contained in EXIF Tags which leads to such kind of problems. But there are methods and suggestions for solving this issue. Many iPhone users have complained about this issue, and the developers are trying to solve the issue. Below mentioned are various ways how you can overcome this problem.


How to Fix camera app upside down issue on your iPhone:

Here are the solutions and will surely help you.

Solution #1

Step #1- launch the setting app on your iPhone to open the setting part where you can make changes .Now you are on the Settings option in your iPhone.

Step #2- once you are in settings part, scroll down, and you will find an option showing COMPASS. Now, tap on it to open.


Step #3- here you will see an option USE TRUE NORTH. Toggle on it to ON.

Use True North

Step #4- after this you are on the last part. Now, you need to restart your phone and find whether it is working or not. In the below image you can find two arrows ;just press those buttons on the places of arrows in image to restart your iPhone.

Restart iPhone

Solution #2

Step #1- go to the main menu and tap on the compass app

Steps #2- Now calibrate it.

Note: Refer the picture provided and calibrate as shown in the photo.

Step #3- once it is done, you need to give a hard reboot to your iphone. Go further and hold the sleep/wake button and the Home button simultaneously to reboot. Now, launch the camera app and check out whether the issue has been fixed or not.

Solution #3  

Step #1- Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open control center

Step #2- here you will see an option Portrait Orientation Lock Icon. Tap on it to turn it on. Now, check out whether it works or not.

Solution #4

You can go for any of the solutions mentioned above to fix up the problem related to your camera. Still if they don’t work, you can opt for various third-party apps that are meant for Photography on your iPhone. You can download different photography apps, and taking photos using this app will surely give a better solution Camera +to your problem. For example, Camera + a third party app that serves all the purpose for all your photo needs. Unlike the iPhone’s native camera app, Camera + recodes all your images into correct orientation. Unfortunately, it has some demerits. It doesn’t have features to shoot videos. It also uses a bit more battery and even takes more time for the photos to be stored in your camera roll.

Apart from this, you can also go for various photo viewing apps that will also help you out. They too Third-party apps that you need to download from Apple apps store. This kind of app allows you to view photos in a correct orientation and enables you to manage them. For example MyPics– A powerful photo viewer, manager, and Editor App. This app is developed by Appstair, Inc. It does the thing in a very simple way.

Here I further recommend that you use software that knows how to deal with EXIF correctly. If you have a lot of photos, that are upside down then a right choice while buying will be helpful to store and manage the photos in the correct orientation.

The esteemed costumers of the Apple, doesn’t hope for such kind of Bugs. Recently, many of iPhone users reported to having faced a very multifaceted issue that caused the top bar of camera app to move upside down resulting a problem in the camera app. This fascinating issue has also created problems to the third-party like ‘Instagram’. Apple has really, annoyed its customers by making such a silly mistake. Anyway, there is various comments and discussion about this issue, you don’t care about that. What you really need is a solution to the problem, and they are provided. Till Apple itself finds the way out to this issue, it’s better that you apply any one solution to this problem that you got from our writings. So now enjoy Clicking with your iPhone …