How to Fix an Any Frozen iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

All of us love listening to music and playing games on our phones, especially when we are traveling to college or work. When the device you are using stops working during this time, when the songs and games are the only things that are distracting you from the heavy traffic or from the stressful thoughts that cloud your mind, you tend to get upset and anxious.

How to Fix Frozen, Slow Touch Screen or Keyboard on iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch

IPod Touch is a pretty popular device that we use and there is no denying that it is probably an essential part of the user’s daily routine.

Do you own one that has been your steady companion on your bus rides but has suddenly stopped working or remains frozen even when you tap the screen repeatedly?

Do not worry about it. This might be annoying and it might also be an inconvenient problem but there is a solution to it.

In fact, there are multiple solutions to this particular problem.

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How Do You Fix a Frozen iPod touch or iPad or iPhone screen

Number 1 – Restart the device:

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most effective ones. This is the most common solution and it is something that we apply to most of the gadgets that we own.

Press and hold the home button and the power button at the same time till the Apple logo appears. This indicates that the phone is switching off.

Once you have switched on the device, it should start functioning properly.

If the problem is not solved but occurs repeatedly, then try out the next solution.

Number two – Update the Software:

The device may not go back to normal at once. It might iPhone or iPad or iPod touch frozen on apple logo even if you have restarted or rebooted it. This is, once again, not something that you should worry about because there is another solution that you can try to follow.

Sometimes, it so happens that the software that you have on your device might be an old one. You may not have updated it at all for months simply because you were fine with how it worked. However, technology is a field where new inventions are invented continuously and we try to make things easier, faster, and better. Therefore, it is very important that you make sure that the software that you have on your device is not an old one. You will have to update it when there is an option to do so because this ensures that your device functions properly and you get the best of what the device can offer.

To update your current software, you will only have to follow the following simple steps:

  • Take out your USB cable and connect it to your personal computer or your laptop.


  • Search for the latest software updates that are available for the version of iPhone or iPad or IPod Touch that you own.
  • If you find the latest version, then click and download it.

  • Once you have finished downloading it, upgrade your device.

Try to check and see if it works. It will most probably start working once you have done this.

Number three – Recovery Mode:

There is, once again, a possibility that your device may not work properly. If this happens, then there is another thing that you can do. Follow the steps as given below:

  • Press and hold the power button and home button until the apple logo shows up on the screen.

  • Once again, take out your USB cable and connect it to your personal computer or your laptop.

  • Go to the iTunes app.
  • When it prompts you to ‘Update’, update the device.
  • Before moving on to the next step, check backup to make sure that your data will not be deleted.

  • Reinstall the iPhone or iPad or iPod touch O.S. software.

If you follow this step by step, then you will soon solve the problem yourself!

In case none of the solutions listed above work effectively, then make sure that you check out the Apple website and contact Apple Support. They will help you solve your problem once you brief them about it.

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Make sure that you handle your device carefully. As long as you make sure this, you will not face problems with it. But if a problem does pops up, then remember that there is always a solution that you can search for and follow all by yourself. If it is too complicated, ten do not hesitate to contact the Support service people and they will help you with the problem”my iPod screen is frozen and wont turn off“. However, always try to do what you can in solving the problem that you meet, It will be an interesting lesson and you will learn more about the gadget that keeps you occupied and rescues you from boredom everyday!

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