Oh my god! You lost your wallet again. You know that it is in the house, but you can not remember where you kept it. It is afternoon and you have searched for it since the morning. If only there was something which could help you find it. If only you could call your wallet and find it when it rings. Well, your wish can come true. With Tile, you can find your misplaced things with ease. Tile is a super easy to use Bluetooth tracker that attached to your things and keeps track of it. You won’t ever have to worry again, you can even attach a tracker to your smart phone, keys and what not.  Now you can stay tension free and forget your things without any worries. In this article, we will explain How to use Tile to find your keys, wallet and everything else.

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What is Tile?

Tile is a Bluetooth Tracker that is as thin as 2 credit cards. It can slip into wallet pockets, can be attached to key chains and smartphones. This small Bluetooth tracker will save you from all the hassle of finding your lost or misplaced things.

How to Use or get started with Tile

What you need:

You need a Device to install Tile app first. You can install Tile on IOS devices. Android support is yet to be out.

Download and signup:

Download the app from Apple App Store. Wait for it to install. Once it is done downloading and installing, launch the app and press the “Get Started” Button to register.

Create your account:

Type your Email address and password to create an account and then activate it. The tile will send you an Email about the same. Make sure you enter your active/current email address.

Sign in:

This goes without saying, that you would need to sign in once you are registered. You must confirm the email address before Signing in.

Add a Tile:

You will have to press the ‘e’ button on your tile until it beeps. Then, directly place your tile on top of your IOS device and try to match with the picture on your device’s screen. Wait until you receive a confirmation message. Once you have received the message, you are good to go.

Name your Tile:

Try naming your tile so that you could remember to which thing is it attached to.

Assign a photo to your Tile:

You should be assigning a photo to your Tile. It’s easy and simple. Also, it lets you find the tile and object attached to it.

  1. Take a photo directly or choose a photo from the gallery.
  2. You can also choose any of the existing photos provided from the Tile.


How to Find Your Keys, Wallet & Phone with Tile’s App Bluetooth Tracker


Viewing your Tiles.

This should be easy. To view your Tiles, simply click on ‘List’. Any item in the Bluetooth range of your phone will show up and you will see a green circle around it. If the item is out of range, then Tile will show an out of range error and a gray circle around it.

Locating your Tile:

Click on the map button to view the location of all your Tiles on the map. The map will show the last updated location of your wallet. You can go and check where it was last seen.

Searching for your Tile:

Tile can cast a Bluetooth signal up to a radius of 100 feet. To start the search, select the item from the app home screen and Tap on ‘Find‘ button. As soon as you will come in the vicinity of the object, you can either make it beep or Locate it on the map. You can even hear the ringing even if a Tile is under a pile of clothes.

Tile to find your phone:

To find your phone, double tap the ‘e’ button on any of the tiles to ring your phone. Your phone rings even if it is on silent.

How to search the thing you dropped on the way.

If you dropped your wallet or phone while you were jogging. Tile can still help you find it, even if it is way out of range of Bluetooth.

There are chances that some people notice your wallet lying on the ground and drop it at the nearest store. If anyone in the store has Tile device with them, then the Tile tag attached with your wallet would automatically update its location and send you a notification.

Or if anyone of the other Tile users having their Tile device/tag with them, pass by your wallet which was lying on the ground. Its location would automatically get updated and you will be able to find it on the map.  Thanks to the worlds largest lost and found community of Tile.

Choose a size.

Tile comes in 2 different sizes. The Tile Mate is easy to attach to everything. Making it perfect choice to attach to keys, smartphones. The other one, Tile Slim can fit in your wallet easily.

Tile mate, easily attach Tile to keys, luggage, backpacks and more.

Tile Slim

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