Someone is accessing your computer without you knowing anything about it. Well you can not only find out who is using your computer but also  see what they do on that . In some cases sticking a ‘keep off’ sign to your computer might work but not all people would  stop seeing that  .

The mode of access we will be dealing with must be physical and not remote because in that case your computer is hacked . For example –someone came to computer while you were not around and he is accessing your computer or check if someone is remotely accessing your computer . In this case no one wants to share their  personal computer media or documents with a person who they are not sure about .

Some of these attempts to use your computer may include –

  • Opening files and media files.
  • Restarting a computer
  • Attempting and failing to log into your Windows account
  • Launching applications
  • Browsing the Internet

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6 Ways to Find Out if Someone’s Secretly Been Using Your Computer

1.Windows Event viewer

This is the easiest option to look for all the Windows OS users . The Windows Event Viewer is  a built-in program that logs what your computer  has been up to. This program won’t function if your computer is idle or is shutting down or whether it has gone in sleeping mode . But it will perfectly track the one who is using it . This trick will work for all versions of windows 7 , 8 or even  windows 10 . Let us see how it works –

Step 1 –

Search for Event Viewer by typing event viewer into the Start menu search box .

Step 2-

Selecting Event Viewer from the list as shown in the picture. (same in windows 7 and 8 )

Step 3 :

After the opening of the program , double-click the Windows Logs entry in the left of its window, then select the System entry. Then right-click and select Filter Current Log from the appearing  menu .

Step 4 –

When the dialog box opens, open the Event sources drop-down list and scroll down to find Power-Troubleshooter. Tick the box for this option and click the OK button.


The  window then displays all the time slots of your PC being switched on or woken from sleep. If there is some sort of miss match  the times you know you were using your PC, then you are known about  use of your system .

2. Recent Files

First of all you need to enable the recently opened items by going into settings -> personalization -> start and then enable that setting . This procedure is same in Windows 7 and 8 .

Recent Places shows all recent files and folders that were accessed in your Windows PC. Using  this, you can see  which  unknown  users accessed  your computer and what files and folders are accessed by unidentified users . You can easily see the places visited as shown –

3. VLC Media player

Install  VLC video player and you can easily get to know if anyone  is playing video from it .  You can see the history by right clicking on the VLC icon or by checking the recent history. Using  this, you can take an overview of  the history whom the anonymous user has accessed and has started playing some media files on your computer.

4. Web browser history

The internet can be dangerous place you know with dangers lurking behind the safest activities. Hence putting your personal information at risk . What if the unknown user is browsing through such dangers ? So, don’t forget to check your web browser history.  This shows a list of all web pages that were opened recently and you can browse by date. However , the browser history can also be cleared easily.

5. OpenSafeViewFiles

Open Save Files View is a very simple tool. It shows you the list of all files that are before searched upon or are opened with the standard open save dialog box of Windows.You can be known if any unknown user is using  your files or even  modifies your document files.


6.  USB Deview

What to do when  any  hidden user is accessing without your permission and stealing your important documents or personal files ?   The solution is USB Deview – a small program. It not only records all USB devices that were before but also  that are connected to your computer now . When USB devices  is plugged in your PC, you can view the full history that  USB devices  using this cool tool.

Conclusion :

So this is all about  How To Find Out If Someone Is Secretly Using Your Computer. Use this guide and you can watch out the activities being going on your Computer and the measures that you can take for this.