Have you lost apple watch of yours? Don’t you know that how to get it back? Are you in a deadlock situation? Then you don’t need to worry. Here in this article, I will let you know that how easily you can track your Apple Watch back with the help of Find-My-Watch feature.

There are two requirements that your iPhone and apple watch must fulfill to use Find-My-Watch feature to find your lost apple watch.

They are:

  1. Your iPhone must be running on iOS 10 or above and your apple watch must be running on watchOS 3 or above.
  2. You should have enabled Find-My-Phone feature on your iPhone.

Check whether your iPhone and Apple Watch are updated or not

So, if your iPhone or apple watch are not updated then first update them else just skip these steps.

Steps to Update iPhone

First check whether your iPhone is updated to iOS 9 or above. To check, follow the below steps:

Settings-> General -> About

If it is not updated, then to update your device. Follow the below steps:

Settings-> General -> Software Update

Now, you have updated your iPhone. Next step is to launch the Apple Watch app on your device and follow the below steps:

Steps to Update Apple Watch

General -> Software Update

There you get the complete summary of Watch OS 2.0 and also a download link.

Size: 512 MB

update your watch so that your lost apple watch can be located easily

That’s all. You have updated your apple watch to newer version.

Now as you have updated your apple watch so you can use Find-My-Phone feature to locate and protect your apple watch.


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Check whether Find-My-Phone feature is enabled or not

If you didn’t set up Find-My-Phone on your iPhone then first set up it with the help of following steps:

  • First start your Home Screen.
  • Then tap on settings-> [your name] -> iCloud.
  • Now scroll till the bottom of the page and tap on Find-My-iPhone.
  • After that turn on Find My iPhone and send your last location.

turn on find-my-phone feature to locate your lost apple watch

With this, you can set up Find-My-iPhone on your iPhone device. With this, your paired apple watch and airpods get automatically set up too.

Use Find-My-Phone to Track Your Lost Apple Watch

Now you can use Find-My-iPhone app to see your apple watch on map. If your watch is nearby then you can easily find that with the help of this feature. You can track your watch by using either your iPhone or by using iCloud from Mac.

Using iCloud from Mac to Find lost Apple Watch

  • First go to iCloud from your browser and sign in with your apple ID and password.
  • Then open Find iPhone.
  • Then click on all devices and finally click on your apple watch.

you can find your lost apple watch on MAC also using icloud

From iPhone Find Lost Apple Watch

  • First take your paired iPhone.
  • Then Launch Apple watch app on your iPhone and tap on My Watch tab.
  • There you can see Mark as Missing option.

use find-my-watch feature to locate your lost apple watch

  • In the watch menu, click on “i”.

  • Now select “Find My Apple Watch”.

click on find my apple watch to locate your lost apple watch

  • After these steps, your watch location is in front of you.

feature showing location of your lost apple watch

Now you can see that there are three options at the bottom of this interface –

  1. Play sound
  2. Lost mode
  3. Erase watch

You can use these three different options to locate your device.

Use Audio Alert Icon to Find out your Lost Apple Watch

If the location of your watch is within few radius only. Then it may be possible that you may lost it under your cushion or may be in the back of your car or may be at that place where you cannot see it. At that time, this feature will help you.

At the bottom of the actions, you can see “play sound” option. Tap on that button and your lost watch starts playing loud chime. It will continue playing that loud chime until you tap on “Dismiss” button.

your lost local watch continuously chiming

Use Lost Icon to locate your Stolen Apple Watch

Now, if you cannot hear that loud chime sound then it is time to consider that your watch was genuinely lost.

So now, tap on lost mode and mark your apple watch as lost.

After that, select turn on lost mode.

turn on lost mode to find your lost apple watch

After tapping on it, enter your contact phone number that you want to show on your lost apple watch. With the help of this anyone can contact you.

enter your phone number so that anyone can contact you about your lost apple watch

In the next step, you have to enter a message that you want to show on the lost watch along with your phone number.

enter a messaging that is displaying on your lost apple watch

Finally click on “Done”.

One more option is there, Notify when Found. This will send the state of your apple watch on the associated email linked with your apple account.

you can also opt for notify option to notify you about your lost apple watch

After all these steps, you have marked your watch as lost and if anyone gets it then your watch will display your message along with your phone number.

message and phone number showing on your lost apple watch

In future, if you want to change Lost Mode then you can do easily. You can also disable the setting of Lost Mode.

you can change lost mode setting of your lost apple watch at any time

Use Erase Icon to Clear All Your Person Data in Your Lost Apple Watch

Now, if after finding the location of your device, you think that it is almost impossible to get the watch from that particular location because of several reasons like you may not be in that same country. Then the only left option is to erase all your personal data from your lost apple watch.

To do this, as you can see “Erase Watch” icon on the Find-My-Watch interface, you have to tap on that. This will show you a confirmation page that whether you actually want to erase this apple watch?

When you tap on Erase Apple Watch then it will again show you a confirmation page where you have to enter your password.

After doing all this, when the watch finds internet connection, it will automatically wiped back to a factory state.

I hope my article will surely help you to find your lost apple watch. Thanks for your reading. If you want to share any kind of comment then please let me know by commenting in the comment section.