You have probably visited the Like button on several Facebook pages in which you are not fascinated. Facebook Cleaner works a fast brush to fresh up your information nourish.

Go to the webapp, log in with Facebook, and provides it a while. You’ll get a finish history of all the websites you have liked in your whole Facebook history. Basically choose the “Like” key again to in contrast to any website that you no more want associated with your concern, which is an important stage in cleaning up your online lifestyle.

Cleaner took some time to prove all the Webpages I have liked. Providing it 30 minutes was the miracle variety for me to see the complete record, but you get a smaller record within a few moments.

You can also get this record on Facebook or fb, but it’s a little more complicated. Go to Activity Log, just just click “Likes” in the sidebar, and select “Pages and interests.” It shows only the most latest action and it up-dates mature Prefers only when you look for down. So you’ll have to keep scrolling consistently until time you began using Facebook or fb or fb or fb to get a complete record.

Of course, this is only going to fresh up Webpages you liked. If you want to thoroughly declutter your Facebook information nourish, we have a information for that too.

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