How to Extract an Image From Pages Document on Mac

Pages is an office app created by Apple for Mac OS X system. If you use this app, you will know that it doesn’t let you extract images from an Apple Pages document.

However, there are two methods to do so :

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How-To: Extract Images from Apple Pages Documents

1. Using Content Manger to extract image

I. Open the folder where your Pages document is located.

II. Right click on the document and select “Show Package Contents”. It will show you the files that are in the document.

III. Double click on the folder named “Data” to open it.

This is where you will see your image.

IV. You can now copy this image by right-clicking on it and pasting it wherever you want and use it like a normal image.

In case the first method doesn’t work, or you just want to use a different method, here’s how you can use the ZIP Manager to extract image from a Pages document on your Mac.

I. Click on “Finder” in the top left corner and select “Preferences …”.

II. Click on the “Advanced” tab to open advanced settings for Finder.

III. Check the box that says “Show all filename extensions”. You will now be able to see the extensions for all the files available on your Mac.

IV. Open the folder where the document is located, click on it and press the Return (enter) key to rename it.

V. Rename the file so that it has “.zip” as its extension. You can write anything before the “.” (dot), but the extension must be “.zip”. Once you have entered the new name, press Return to save the changes.

VI. You will be prompted if you are sure to change the extension. Click on the button that says “Use .zip”.

VII. Your Pages document will now open as a folder. Open it and double click on the folder named “Data”. The images that are attached to the document will be shown in this folder.

VIII. Copy the image that you want from here, and paste it wherever you want.

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Conclusion :

While both the methods are fine, you can use whichever you like to do the task.

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