This new tech is really revolutionary and will affect your life in many ways. It would make tasks like attending a phone call, reading a message or checking an email so quick and hassle-free. You won’t even have to take your phone out of the pocket to read a message. So this comes in the form of a wearable Android watch. Once you get dependent on the Android on your wrist, you will really want it to be with all day long. The issue here can be battery life. Android, as an OS, demands an extensive amount of hardware which consumes a lot of battery. In this article, we give with tips and tweaks on How to save battery on Android wearable.

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How to Save Battery Life on Android Wear

The display is the devil.

Well, it is common sense for you to know that display is something that takes the major amount of battery. Android watches already have a small battery and these displays can get too much for them to handle. So make sure that your display is only on when you need it, else it would just be a waste of battery.

Turn off always on screen.

Sometimes you like your screen to always stay on. Turning this feature off would put the battery out of the misery and let it rest when the Android tech is not in use. It is advisable to turn off always-on feature. Only con is that it will put your watch into a passive mode so will have to touch it or press the power button to use it every time. But the extended battery life is worth the effort.

Twist to wake

We know how much you like to show off that cool android tech on your wrist. It feels good to see it turn on on a twist of a wrist. But it might cost you the functionality. It will drain the battery soon enough and won’t let you use your tech. It is really advisable to turn this feature off and enjoy the extended battery life. With extended battery life, you can stay connected to your friends and family for more time

Though you will lose some functionality by adopting these methods, you always have to lose something. You can’t really have these features and an impressive battery life at the same time. Can You?

Explore modes like theatre and do not disturb mode

Well, if you are really running out of battery and need some extended juice then you can try this method. It would surely give a boost and save battery for when you really need it.

Theatre mode:

It will turn off the display, Notifications, vibrations, You could say it will hibernate your device.

Do not disturb:

As the name suggests, it would silence your notifications(Alarms are an exception) and turn off the display. It works exactly like it works in smartphones. So you can turn it on when you are running out of battery and don’t really have some important messages coming.

Priority mode:

You will have to find this option in the phone and turn it on. It can’t be turned on directly from your wearable device.

In this mode, you will only get notified of calendar events, reminders and text messages from your favorites


There is one thing that is pretty obvious. Brighter display consumes more battery. We almost forget that we can’t reduce the brightness to increase the battery efficiency. So now you remember it. The best part is, that you can control the brightness directly from the watch itself. Just toggle through and find the sweet spot, balance between performance and efficiency.

Disable Wi-FI

Oh lord, It is so obvious to know that Wi-fi consumes a lot of battery. Approximately 30 % of the power is consumed by networks and WiFi. You should turn off your wi-fi when you are not using it. Most of the times when we are out, it is hard to find a wi-fi network to connect to. So it is better that we keep our wi-fi switched off until there is a network to connect to. This way you will save that unnecessary battery usage. Android watches have wi-fi so that they could retrieve important notifications like email even when it is not connected to the phone over Bluetooth.

steps to disable Wi-Fi:

  1. pull down the menu(notification bar type)
  2. Find settings icon in the menu and press it.
  3. In the settings menu, look for wiFi
  4. If you don’t see it then your device doesn’t have it. Good thing to know that it hadn’t been eating your battery.
  5. To disable the wi-fi, tap on the icon.
  6. confirm when it asks to turn off the wi-fi.
  7. Congratulations! You have successfully turned off your Wi-Fi

So here were some tips and tweaks to increase the battery life of your Android Wrist. Go ahead and try them out for yourself. Thank me later alligator.