We probably use our computers or laptops everyday, but do you really know everything about it? Windows operating systems are built with many useful shortcuts that the user might not be totally aware of. Even after being a potential user for years many of us might not be knowing the simple and helpful tricks and shortcuts that could prove to be quite helpful for us.

Here I am letting you all run through the most Excellent Windows tips and tricks that would help you to be more productive!!

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20 Excellent Windows Tips and Tricks

1.Windows Explorer

I have seen that many of us are not aware about the Explorer really exists! The explorer opens once you press the Windows key plus E(Win E for short). Win-E opens the main computer folder which was formerly known as My Computer in older versions of Windows, it affords quick access to your drives.


2.Run Dialog Box

By tapping Windows + R(win-R for short) on the keyboard a run dialog box appears on the screen from which you could type in the name of the program you want to run.

3.Command prompts

Press Ctrl and + for zooming in, Ctrl and – for zooming out and finally Ctrl and 0 for zooming back to 100%.

4.Delete a file completely

Select a file and press shift + delete so you could completely delete the file and you no longer need to go to the recycle bin to completely delete the file.

5.New Folder

This feature was added Windows 7 onwards in all Windows operating systems. By tapping CTRL+SHIFT+N a new folder is created at the desired location.

6.Copy, Paste and Cut

To copy a specific or a particular word or file you have to press CTRL+C and to paste it in the desired location you have to press CTRL+V. This actually does save a hell lot of a time when you have loads of writing or data entry operations to do. To cut or remove a certain word or a file you can press CTRL+X(To cut to clipboard).

7. Start Menu

The start menu pops by tapping CTRL+ESC on the keyboard.

8.Advanced Start Menu

To open the advanced start menu which has various options like control panel, disk management, command prompt and many more you need to press WIN+X on the keyboard.

9.Next/Previous Windows While Using Internet

For going to the next or the previous tabs when you’re having many tabs opened simultaneously press CTRL + Tab to show the next window and CTRL + Shift + Tab to show the previous window. Just try this if you didn’t know this one!

10.Windows Explorer Shortcuts


F2 – To rename a particular file or folder. F3 – To search for a particular file or folder. F5 – To refresh folder content, windows home screen. CTRL + L -To select an address link. SHIFT + [arrows, home, end, pg up, pg down, mouse click on file] – This makes selecting files in a row easier and faster. It also helps in apps which needs text processing.

11.Rotate The Screen

This is a trick which you could use to scare a kid! By pressing Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down/Right/Left the screen could be rotated in all possible directions you wish.


12.Desktop home screen

To go to the desktop home screen directly from whichever folder or file you are in you just need to press Windows + D(win-d for short).This would make lives easy for many of us won’t it?

13.Minimization Shortcut

Ever imagined how could you directly snap out of those opened tabs or files and folders and directly go to your desktop folder? Yes you could by just pressing Windows + M(win-m for short) which minimizes everything and shows you the desktop.

14.Task Manager

Sometimes closing a certain file or folders becomes too difficult and tedious in case if the system hangs. Then the best option which I have found to close these types of files is by using Windows Task Manager which has options to directly end the task and has many other options where you could see where is CPU memory being used and much more. To open the task manager press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC.

15.Lock The Computer/Laptop

By pressing Windows + L you can lock the PC, if you have a password set, this will lock the computer.

16.Redo an Undo

To redo which is exactly opposite of undoing things you have to press CTRL + Y to redo things.

17.shutdown –s –t (time in seconds)

Say suppose you’re working late at night and you may fall asleep any time soon then you can use this command in the run dialog box.

Type in shutdown –s –t 1000 in the run dialog box and press enter this will make your PC automatically shutdown in 1000 seconds. You could set any time you want as per your convenience.

18.Selecting All Files or Folders or Words

You could select all files or folders or words by pressing CTRL + A. This shortcut selects all the necessary files which you can use for the purpose to copy paste or delete afterwards.

19.Close all files or Windows

If you want to close all files which are opened at once you could do it by pressing ALT + F4. If you use this on the desktop then after pressing it a dialog box having Shut down, Restart, Sleep, Log out options would seem on the screen.

20.Terminating or rebooting

To end an application task or reboot the operating system you have to press CTRL + ALT +DEL simultaneously by which screen pops up asking the user whether to stop a particular task or to shut down or restart the PC. It has many other options too.

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