If you are Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users you should heard about Samsung galaxy note split screen multi window mode, Galaxy multi window mode which allows you complete multiple tasks function on one screen easily. For example, simultaneously you can search in the web and check your email or while watching a video you can take notes. Few steps are discussed below how to enable the multi-window in your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It can be performed either by Multi-Window Tray or from Recent application.

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From the Multi-Window Tray:

Step 1:

The multi-window tray will appear until press and hold the Escape/back continuously.

Step 2:

Select and hold the application icon, drag it to the home at the upper part of the screen.

Step 3:

Select and hold the different application icon, drag it to the home at the lower part of the screen.

From Recent Apps:

Step 1:

Below the screen at lower left button in that select Recent’s button.

Step 2:

The listed application will be seem, Scroll up or down which you like to explore.

Step 3:

On the application at the upper right corner select multi-window icon.

Step 4:

Select another application to run and now both the application is in split screen multi-window mode.

By selecting the circle in between the window even you can use more multi-window options.


How do I use Multi Window™ (Multitasking) Mode on Samsung Galaxy S® 4?