A new technology from Apple is awaited by millions. Keeping the demands in eye , Apple has been so launching new technologies and products from time to time. Apple has made changes on all most all product and services. Apple’s technological supremacy in the digital communication has made it as the most favorable phone brand. Apple extends its ways to add personality to the modern humans. Its sleek and trendy design makes the user feel lucky to have in their hands.

If your iOS device is incurring low battery at times you don’t have any sources to charge, like if you are out in a trip with your friends or you are busy sorting out your works at office, there is a way to it. Apple has recently launched features to extend your battery life. If you are worried about your phone’s battery life, we recommend you learn how you can extend your battery life by using low power mode setting.

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How to enable Low Battery Mode in your iOS device:

We will give you steps following with which you will surely get a more added battery life of your iOS device. Some of the features will remain optimized during this time hence allowing you a more battery life. Now let’s go deep insights to learn what you should do to extend your battery life.

Step#1- Go to the home screen and open the main menu of your iOS device

Step#2– Go to settings on your main menu.

Main menu-settings

Step#3- Now, scroll down to find ‘Battery’ that you will see just below the Touch ID and Passcode.

Step#4- Tap on ’Battery’ to open the setting part under Battery.

Click Battery

Step#5- Here you will see an option showing ‘Low Battery Mode’. Toggle on it to ‘ON’.

Enable low power mode

That’s all! Now you are set with How to enable low power mode in iOS on iPhone and iPad.

How Low Battery Mode Works?

The features extend your battery life by optimizing some of the functions. First of all the phone’s general performance is dropped. Then your iOS device’s Random Access Memory runs bit slow hence some feature may not run properly. Here we give you a list of items affected during your iPhone is in ‘low power mode’:

  • The general performance of your iOS device drops
  • Processing power is affected
  • Battery draining functions are disabled
  • Your iOS device won’t check mails automatically
  • Automatic app refresh is disabled
  • Motion effects or any live wallpapers won’t function
Added information:
  • Apple also offers its features like a pop-up window where your iPhone will prompt you when your battery level falls to 10-20%. A pop-up window will ask you to turn low battery mode ON.
  • When your phone is in low battery mode your battery icon will turn ‘Yellow’ indicating a less use of your battery.
Other ways to maximize your battery life:

Update to Latest iOS:

Keep your iOS device updated to the latest version. Enable auto update in the setting so that your iPhone is automatically updated to the latest version of the iOS. This enables a smooth run of your iPhone and avoids battery eat-ups by unnecessary items contained in the iOS device.

Avoid extreme temperatures:

While using your iOS device keep your eye on the environment conditions. Your iOS device performs well when the environment is cool. That may be referred to the ideal comfort zone of your iOS device. Extreme temperature affects directly your battery life. Moreover, it discharges your battery and can even bring permanent damage to your battery.

Take precautions during long-term storing:

if you are storing your device for a long time then it is recommended that you store you iOS device charging it to around 50%. Place your device in a moisture-free environment. If you are storing for years, then charge it to 50% every month.

Home and lock Screen:

If your display of your iOS device is awakened by regular intervals then turn it off in the Notification settings. This will allow an extended battery life.

Network coverage:

The communication network of your iPhone has a direct affect on your iPhone’s battery life. If your iPhone is in low signal area or in an area where the signal is fluctuating then, the battery level will fall faster.

The battery life is the most essential for the iOS device as the world of internet keeps a user to keep in touch with the iOS device at all times. The extensive use of internet and mainly the use of social networking sites have led to the draining–up of battery in a faster rate. So, keeping all these in eye the iOS developers have added this feature in the latest iOS device like your iPhone or your iPad. The Apple inc. is always committed to offer new technologies to its esteemed costumers. So, now enjoy your latest iPhone or iPad with an extended battery life.