With the growing gadget industry, android remains to on demand and fast selling when compared to windows being the tough competitor. Although the craze for android Smartphone will not face a downfall in the near future, consumers are still unaware of hidden options that may not be in use on regular basis but do have a great impact on smooth working and functioning of the device.

There are many options that can be tested and tried on your android mobile. The consumers can be kept aware of software , CPU and various usage and capacity which can ease their device operations.

Many may still have nil idea about what is an android developer option and what does it do to your phone. As the name reads , these options are meant for developers – who need more functions to test software , write , run and edit apps. These options also facilitates debugging options and offers further information about updates , hardware , battery etc on your mobile screen.

Even though  we do not use it on regular basis , it is always good to know what it happens in and around your phone.For those who feel mobile phones are meant only for communication purpose and looking out for the need of developer options , these are the listed reasons for you to know why.

How To Enable and Disable Developer Options in Android


  • Primary reason remains to be “routing your phone” , backing it up and changing the OS from developer options for better performance of the phone.
  • You can enhance the speed , scale and duration of the animation that occurs in your phone which makes your look catchy while using it.
  • You can be sure of how safe and secured you are by spoofing your place using mock location option.
  • If you are gamer , here is an option to enjoy your gaming experience by speeding up high end games.

Once you have known about the need Android developer options , lets have a look on  how to enable and access it in your device. Android developer options can be seen in all android mobiles and devices except that there will be a slight difference in option name and  steps to enable which may vary in few devices.


  • Initially , go to the “setting” option in your android device.
  • Get into the “ general” option.
  • Followed by “About Phone”.

(In the above mentioned step , you can witness the difference in how it is named. Few devices will have just “ About” or few may have “About device”).

  • You will be navigated to a new set of menus , where you have to scroll down and tap on the “Build number” repeatedly . After which you will receive a message that reads “you are now a developer”.

  • Once you receive this message , you can see the “Developer options” inside your Settings menu. Enable this to get access to various other developer options to enhance your device look , feel and working.

With the moment of enabling the developer options you can play around with any one or multiple options as mentioned below :


To set up the connection between your device and desktop .You can make it possible by ticking the USB Debugging checkbox under developer options.


To create a secured environment for your backup using a password so that it cannot be accessed easily . This can be achieved by providing a password in the dialogue that can be generated by tapping on DESKTOP BACKUP PASSWORD option under developer options.


You can boost the transition effect by altering the animation scale , animator duration. Adjust the values as per your need.


This is for the gamers who will be willing to get their games and graphics rendered in a higher quality .This can be obtained by selecting the “FORCE 4x MSAA” option under developer options.


To fake your GPS to make sure you and your device are neither tracked or watched upon .To use this , you need an app but before that you need to select the “ALLOW MOCK LOCATION” option under developer option.


To avoid your mobile screen going to sleep during the time of charging , “STAY AWAKE” option will be very useful.


To have a track of CPU usage of your device when required can be made possible by enabling the “SHOW CPU USAGE” under developer options.

There are lot many options which can be enabled based on your utility and need of the hour apart from those mentioned above.Once you are a developer you will have all the freedom to run and test all the options available under developer options and use them according to your needs.

Few devices will not encourage the removal of this developer options once it is enabled unless you factory reset your device.In that case you can slide it off without it disturbing your device usage.

Majority of the devices , do have the options for removal or disabling the developer options once for all like the once in Stock android and others.

These are the steps to disable the developer option if you wish to


  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select the “Apps” option
  • Tap the “Clear data” option
  • It will ask for a confirmation in a pop up box.
  • You can disable it once you have confirmed.

The irreversible and unimaginable growth of technological growth and its impact in our lifestyle , we have arrived to the era of “Anything is possible with technology”. Hence , any new gadget is launched you can have the do’s and dont’s , bugs and debugging , to simply put solution to any technical fault can be easily derived which makes people search and avail the best option in the industry.